Those who believe firmly in their orientation, as a rule, do not ask this question. It happens that a person is born with the feeling that he likes only men (or only women). However, if you are in doubt, then firmly undecided. In addition, you can be bisexual, that is, someone who can love both men and women. The easiest way to find out your type of relationship, of course, in practice. But if you are hesitant to start a relationship with the same sex, at least imagine them. In detail. How would you like to kiss, make love, walk the streets arm in arm. If the mental sight pushes you and excites, you most likely need a relationship with this person.
British scientists have tried to calculate the gene of homosexuality, the ratio of the length of the fingers on the hand. Measure the length of the index finger on his right hand, and divide it by the length of the unnamed on the same arm. The resulting number is your ratio of sexuality. If this ratio is expressed in the figure of 0.97 and less, or 1.1, then you are homosexual, that is prefer your gender. If a number between 0.97 and 1.1 to you straight.
To determine the orientation of another person, for example, someone you like, it is possible for some signs in behavior. Do not pay attention to the earring men or baggy clothes for women. It's just a fad, and not a sign of homosexuality. Much more to tell of manners and opinion. If someone really likes, he looks him straight in the eye. And trying involuntarily to look, for example, hold the door and offer a hand to even the representative of your gender. Random, it would seem, touch, too, speak volumes. Especially if the person trying to touch your knee or palm.