The main difficulty is that not all of your friends and relatives can be registered in Skype, especially people close to you of the older generation. So tell them about all the advantages this amazing program!
Send friends messages with your nickname (username) on Skype or you find them in the search program. Add desired interlocutors to his contacts.
Find out in advance what the speed of your Internet connection at your prospective companions. If the transfer data is less than 128 kbit/second, connect only the audio channel video will be slow.
To communicate with partners or work colleagues is important shipment documents. Skype is perfect for this role. In order to send a file, look at the area of the text message (she is at the bottom of the screen) and click on the "Attach file". Select the document on your hard drive or removable media, and send a message to the interlocutor (don't forget to sign the message that it sent).
If you have a lot of friends and you want to chat with everyone and as quickly as possible, use the option "Videoconferencia". To do this, start talking to one of my friends, and as the flow of the conversation press the "Add a contact to the conversation" in your contact list, placing the name of the next companion. It is recommended to add to the conference not more than 5 persons, or may begin connectivity issues and excessive noise.