You will need
  • microphone;
  • speakers or headphones;
  • - webcam;
  • - enough speed Internet connection.
Purchase a microphone and a webcam if your computer does not already include them. Connect these devices. If necessary, install the drivers. If you don't want your conversations heard around, connect and even headphones.

The presence of a webcam is not obligatory, to make calls you will be able to without it. Just in case your partner can't see.
Download Skype from official website To select the version for your OS, then select in page menu item "Download Skype". Install the software on your computer.

Some laptops have a built-in module Skype. For example, in models HP Skype is tools program fast Internet access QuickWeb. Run that program when the notebook is off or in hibernation, press the F5 key.
Click “Download Skype” and select the appropriate version of the program
Start the Skype program. In the welcome window, click on the link "Register new user" (Create a new account). Pass the registration procedure. Enter the invented user name (Skype Name) and password into the boxes in the welcome window of the program. Click on the "Log in Skype" (Sign Me In). To change the interface language, select the Tools menu string Change Language.
If you do not have a Skype account, sign up
Test the connected equipment. To do this, select the list of subscribers Echo/Sound Test Service. Click on the data connection quality is the rightmost button with the indicator. In the resulting window, alternately open the tabs to test all the components. If you have any problems with the equipment, click on the "Open a quality manual connection" to see tips on how to resolve them.
Test the connected equipment
Make a test call to the service Echo/Sound Test Service. To do this, click on the "Call". Speak into the microphone any text after the beep. After the next beep, the system will reproduce your speech. If everything works – you can call friends.

If the entry did not work, and microphone and speakers (headset) are functioning normally, you may have low Internet speed. In this case, you would be better to chat with friends in text form in the chat program.
Click on the “Call” to send the call
Add friends to the list subscribers using the button "Add contact". In the opened window enter all the information about the subscriber. If it was in Skype, he will be sent the authorization request. If the person confirms this request, you will be able to speak with him for free in the telephony mode and in the chat.

If you have an account on the social network Facebook, you can import the data in to Skype your friends from there. To do this, select in contacts the appropriate tab.
Add friends to your contacts list
Call to phone numbers using to set the same button in the program interface. To make calls, need to put money into the account. This can be done with credit card or via electronic payment system. To refill follow the link "add money to account" in the program window.
Call any phone number