Paper for inkjet and laser printer:

When choosing high-quality paper for the printer, you must consider not only its main characteristics, but also on which device it will be used.

For example, on packaging paper for inkjet printer, often you can find special inscription InkJet, emphasizing its purpose. It can vary in density and format. Also paper for ink jet printer is classified depending on coating, semi-gloss, glossy, super glossy and matte.

As for paper for laser printer, it may also have a different density and coverage. The packaging with this paper, it is often possible to see the inscription LaserJet, which means that it is highly compatible with laser printers.

How to choose a good printer paper?

The use of substandard paper may have a negative impact on your office equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to approach to its choice. First of all, you need to pay attention to the decoration, the chemical and physical properties of paper.

Density quality paper material should be 80-90 g/m2. A good paper is not too stiff or loose. If you use duplex printing, you should purchase opaque paper. By the way, the transparency depends on the density.

The surface normal paper for printer does not have to be rough. On a smooth surface, the toner will not flake off or wear off. When choosing you need to find out what are the moisture characteristics of office paper. It is desirable that the moisture content does not exceed 4.5 per cent. Otherwise the paper will curl up.

In order for the image are well read, paper for office needs to be bright enough. Much depends partly what she taped. For example, paper with a high content of carbonate may contaminate the printer. And contained in such consumables acid over time destroy the paper, making it yellow and brittle.

Don't buy printer paper with high electrical conductivity. Usually, it's the image is of poor quality and wears off quickly. In addition, when the supply of sheets can be constantly glued.

And of course, you need to pay attention to the finish of your paper. On edges of leaves should not be paper dust, some clues and other defects. Most of the office equipment breaks down due to poor finishing of the material and the occurrence of paper dust.