Read the instructions to your printer. Any device equipped with a user manual, which is bound to have recommendations on paper. This is a very important choice, because its parameters will depend on the results of printing. Main characteristics suitable for a specific printer paper is a density, it is considered in grams per square meter g/m2. This parameter is very important because the mechanism of capture and stretching of the sheets is designed to bear a certain thickness and density.
Specify the type of your printer. For example, for a laser printer , the standard paper weight is 80 g/m2. Significantly more dense paper the printer just will not be able to reach through itself, this will cause the paper to jam or zazhevyvaya. Thinner paper weighing 60 g/m2 will be spoiled in the printing process. Color printers — inkjet, almost always, that is, the print liquid paint. In this case very much depends on the device class, that is, there are simple printer paper with low density, and photo printers, designed for paper for business cards that has a high value of the index g/m2.
For textual information, essays, term papers, applications best suited to standard office paper, 80g/m2. You can buy it in any stationery store and its cost is low. For pictures, a good paper more high density. Here is the rule: the large part of the leaf is covered with paint, the more dense the paper to choose. This applies, first and foremost, inkjet printers, because laser less suited for printing pictures. And, of course, it is necessary to consider requirements from the user guide. Do not use paper more dense than recommended — otherwise the printer will quickly fail.
Decide what is more important: quality or price of the print. There are the original branded consumables, they are more expensive, but provide high quality results. Also on sale are non-genuine or compatible paper, which is usually cheaper in price, but the result can only be determined experimentally.
Consider the nature of what is going to print. Buy glossy paper for letters, vivid ads — all materials that need to attract attention. For business documents more suitable for Matt paper. It is less resistant to splashes of water, but gives a clean look to the print.