You will need
  • - computer,
  • - Internet
Try to remember. If you are constantly working on the same computer, then use the window to loginand sort through the letters of the Latin alphabet with attitude. Typically, the browser remembers previously entered combination and can you suggest. It won't work if you are at another computer if you reinstalled Windows or the browser itself. Go through in mind all variations of your name, the names, possible nicknames, and nicknames that you have used. Experiment with uppercase letters, figures and numbers relevant to your life. Enter them in the box for loginand password if you remember it. If you have forgotten your password, we will report it to the system. When you type an existing username, start password recovery procedure.
Contact the helpdesk of your mail box. In this case you will be asked to enter your contact e-mail address you provided when creating your account, that is your main address. offers to log in with your account from any social network. But declares that it can help with recovery login. If you registered in any social networks or services, and can log in to your account, view your contact information there. Perhaps you are missing this information. If none of the methods does not help, it remains the last step.
If you were active in the conversation, then ask for help to your correspondents. They might have preserved your letters. Then they will tell you what username you used. If your box was almost empty, but previous efforts have failed, please address the cross. Create a new login and set up a new mailbox. Record all data in a safe place. And be sure to tie your email to a cell phone.