Love and marriage

The problem of this couple is that they are very similar in nature. Tiger and Monkey differ sharp mind and a natural insight. They are intellectuals, researchers and romance. They both have a constant need for new people and lead an active social life.

The romance between Monkey and Tiger proceeds rapidly. Emotions overflowing, passion is literally flooded with both signs. They are happy to give this extraordinary feeling entirely. The tiger captures the frenzy of the Monkey, her sensuality and openness.

Sexual relationship at the beginning of the novel also resemble the ocean during a storm. The tiger is capable of deep feelings, and the Monkey will provoke his bold experiments. Such relationship can not last long.

Monkey thinks Tiger is clever enough to play on his weaknesses. Sooner or later the Tiger will begin to tire of the constant voltage from that crazy rhythm that he imposes a Monkey.

Of course, such relationships are long-term prospects, but for the Tiger and Monkey is a more viable option of living together. They will have to learn to listen to the wishes and feelings of each other. The monkey and the Tiger will go a long way in order to achieve spiritual Union. A happy marriage is possible with mutual respect.

Female Monkey has to learn to behave in a more restrained and less brazenly. To her Union with a Tiger important not to forget that he is much wiser, stronger and more experienced than her.

The hardest thing will be to build relationships between a male Monkey and a female Tiger. Here success will be the material well-being. If the Monkey will be well-paid and interesting work, the Tiger will feel comfortable. Stability in this pair will depend entirely on the patience of the Tiger.

The friendship between a Tiger and a Monkey

These two together is not boring and bored others. Around them is always a lot of people who are very interested in spending time with them. Tigers are great storytellers, and Monkeys – an extraordinary entertainer.

Maybe they can not become intimate friends who are willing to come to the rescue at any moment, but close friends they can be completely. Usually Tigers are well-deserved public respect. The monkey is very flattering friendship with a strong and courageous Tiger.

Joint business and business relationships

Leadership qualities of these characters help to achieve success in almost any field. They are talented and resourceful. Both know how to achieve this.

The monkey is famous for his ability to persuade, and the Tiger is able to inspire confidence. They go to the goal, without fear of obstacles. Monkey and Tiger – a wonderful business partners. However, only when their joint case is just beginning. In the future, it is desirable to split up, otherwise the constant struggle for supremacy could destroy a successful company.