Those who know nothing about the breed, consider the miniature Pinscher cowardly animals, who are constantly lying on the couch. Miniature Pinscher is a miniature Doberman, they are playful and full of energy, perfect partners for gaming and long walks.

External features and character of the dwarf Doberman

Miniature Pinscher – slim dog with well developed muscles. Height – 30 cm, weight – 5-6 kg. the Coat is smooth and short, color – single or two-tone.

Dwarf Dobermans are kind and gentle creatures, but in the wrong education can turn into an uncontrollable, aggressive and skittish animals. Representatives of this breed not afraid of even big dogs, they bravely rush into battle and never surrender, will fight to the last.

Miniature Pinscher don't like to sit on your hands, they are so active that can't stay on one place for longer than 5 minutes. The only drawback of this breed – they are often loud and barking, and it seems that the room for a few animals.

With children the dwarf Doberman establishes a good relationship. To educate a pet is easy, miniature Pinscher loves to learn and quickly understands what is demanded of him.

How to care for dwarf Doberman

To care for surgipharm easily. So the coat was shiny and well-groomed, the dog should be twice per week to brush three times a month, wipe with a damp towel.

Dwarf Dobermans are prone to obesity, so they need to feed small portions three times a day and ensure regular exercise. It is important that a well-balanced diet, is better to give preference to natural products, not prepared food.

During walks it is necessary to use a leash, and in the cold season to avoid frostbite of the extremities, buy dog warm clothes. If you leave a pet one at home, you have to come up with exciting lessons, otherwise clutter and broken things can not be avoided.

Dwarf Doberman will be a loyal friend as a child and pensioner. But the dog is not suitable for those who want to get a little toy. This breed is an easy care, fast trainability and non-confrontational character. The dog is clean, friendly with familiar people and can be aggressive with strangers. Miniature Pinscher trainable, fearless and loyal to his master.