Advice 1: How to feed a Doberman puppy

Doberman Pinscher - pedigree dog and requires careful maintenance. Adult Doberman kept working qualities, have received prizes at exhibitions, became a worthy representative of the breed, it needs to be absolutely healthy, and good nutrition plays a role. Metabolism is laid in puppyhood, so proper nutrition puppy – the guarantee of health of the adult dog.
How to feed a Doberman puppy
Breeders are strongly recommended to feed puppies dry professional pet premium. Their composition is perfectly balanced, finished feed contain the right set of vitamins and minerals for any age dog. The fun is not cheap, but to feed the dog with natural food, observing all the rules, it is unlikely much cheaper. If you decide to transfer the pet on the finished feed, remember that you can add to it natural impossible – it can lead to overfeeding and metabolic disorders. It is acceptable to give a small amount of vegetables. Moreover, cheap ready to feed often lead to allergies.
The basis of natural food should be raw meat, it is permissible to vary the feeding of offal. Better if the meat is sinewy. Do not let the dog raw pork is fraught with helminthiasis. Puppies up to six months, you must give cereal porridge (rice, oats), cow's milk, whether cheese, vegetables (grated carrots, zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers). Potatoes no dogs allowed!
From time to time spice things up with raw chicken egg yolk (from 6 months – a whole raw egg) and vegetable oil. With 7 months cheese, milk and eggs do not need to give, you can enter in the diet are useful for Dobermans cooked or raw fish without large bones (anchovy, Pollack) and to increase the proportion of vegetables. Make sure the meat was not small bones, it is impossible to give any puppies or adult dogs of tubular bird bones – it is very dangerous. Low-fat kefir and ryazhenka Dobermanns are allowed.
It is unacceptable to feed young Doberman eating from his table. Soups, pasta, sausages are not advisable. All food should be fresh. Any sweets for dogs is not intended. As a delicacy it is better to give a piece of dried bread or low-fat cheese. Don't try to constantly vary the diet – there's no need for the puppies feel better about eating familiar food. The dog should always be clean water. Do not feed any puppies or adult dogs of very hot or very cold food.

Advice 2: How to feed puppies Pinscher

Pinscher is easy to recognize among other species in their ears docked. According to the International canine Federation to include Pinschers Doberman Pinschers, German Pinscher, dwarf Pinscher (miniature Pinscher), Affenpinscher show dogs and the Austrian shorthaired Pinscher. Different breeds of dogs nutritional needs are different, not the exception, and Pinschers, especially puppies.
How to feed puppies Pinscher
In the first days after birth, puppies should be fed mother's milk. At the age of 4 weeks, start to feed the puppy from the bowl. First solid foods – warm milk - let the puppy in three weeks. Puppies at the age of 1-2 months, feed 6 times a day. Pinschers at the age of 2-4 months feed 5 times a day, older puppies (4-6 months) feed 4 times a day. At the age of 7-12 months Pinschers are fed 3 times a day. 12 months dog translate to two meals a day.
You can feed the dog or natural products, or prepared foods. It is not recommended to mix both kind of food, and a puppy, it is desirable to teach a child a certain type of food. The products used must be fresh and of high quality.
Dry food for puppy pick up only a premium class of feed cheaper can cause allergies or digestive problems. If, however, the puppy appeared allergic reactions from a particular food – consult your vet. If the puppy eats dry food, additionally he did not give need. Occasionally let's the fruits and vegetables in the form of dessert or treats.
Dry food the first three months of life of the puppy razmeshivaya to a mushy state in warm water. Remember, when feeding dry (and soaked) feed the pinchers increases the need for drinking water. Dry food is given to the puppy in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations feed.
If you decide to feed your puppy Pinscher natural products, recommendations the following. Puppies let buckwheat, oat and rice porridge, cooked with water, with steamed vegetables. For feeding the suitable beet, carrot and cabbage. Meat (veal, lamb, lean beef, chicken) let's get it finely chopped, and the amount of feed add vegetable or olive oil and vitamins for puppies (ready to feed to add vitamins not necessary). Vitamins buy in specialized pharmacies.
The puppy let's meat on a daily basis. First it need to keep a few days in the freezer, then chop them finely and pour over boiling water. Feed the minced meat is not recommended – it is poorly digested. It is forbidden to give the puppies the pork – it is bad for the liver. With 6 months offer puppy offal: tripe, lungs, udder, liver. They must boil that the dog has not appeared worms.
6-7 months feed your dog cottage cheese. Cow's milk is poorly absorbed, so give a puppy yogurt and yogurt – they help digestion. Let the eggs mixed with milk products, porridge and omelettes. If your dog regularly eats meat, it only takes one egg a week.
As for fish, preferably raw sea, which pre-pour over boiling water. Meats and salinity is prohibited. River fish boil, it is desirable to pass it through a meat grinder, the puppy didn't choke on small bones. Meat bones are generally special nutritional value do not have, and tubular chicken bones can cause perforation of the intestine. To strengthen the teeth encourage the puppy to chew on rye crackers.
From childhood, teach your puppy to eat greens and fruits, parsley, lettuce, apples, carrots. Beans and potatoes are prohibited to give, because dogs don't have enzymes that break down starch. Once a week you can give a finely chopped clove of garlic – it is a great prevention from worms. Spring toss food to the dog young nettle.
In between meals do not fertilize a puppy, don't let anything out of your Desk and do not feed sweets.
Useful advice
Puppy Pinscher feed from the bowl on the stand, the height of the bowl needs to be changed as the dog's growth. The bowl must be two with food and water. To a skeleton formed correctly, the puppy needs to reach for the bowl during a meal – the upper edge should be at the level of the chest of the animal. A bowl of food clean up after the puppy ate (e.g., 15 minutes). A bowl of water should be available for the puppy at any time.
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