Pomeranian decorative rock, having miniature dimensions. According to the standard, the weight of these dogs ranges from 2 to 3 kg, and height at withers should not exceed 22 cm This is one of the most clever and smart dog breeds – they are most often seen in circus performances. They are easily trainable and happy to continue learning throughout their lives. In addition, the oranges work well in a team.
The standard allows several characteristic of this breed colors: white, brown, sand and cream, black, red, sable, bi-color and even orange. Thick and fluffy coat of the Pomeranian requires daily care. It will need frequent brushing to prevent pilling and tangling. Otherwise, the care of these dogs is simple, as well as their content. They eat a little and, like cats, able to dispense with walking, limited to the tray in order to answer nature's call.
The main problem for the hosts Spitz contained in the apartments is their habit to react to all the loud shrill barking, which can cause serious disputes with its neighbours. Therefore, the program of education and training must include the command "Quiet!". In addition to Lai, for those who prefer the tranquility problem can become overactive and restless, these dogs, which, however, are more than kompensiruet their friendly, cheerful and playful character. If you got a dog as a companion, bored you just do not have – it is ready all day and play, while for games it is necessary to partner.
Sometimes it seems that inside the Spitz built batteries that never "sit down" - energy overwhelms them over the edge. A walk in the rain along the street will turn your furry pet is literally in a wet ball of dirty wool, so it's best to walk them in a special waterproof suits, in which they look especially hilarious.
Oranges fearless and ready to attack any stranger who crosses the threshold of your home. They do have delusions of grandeur, reflected in the fact that they themselves seem menacing giants, vastly superior in size to any potential enemy. This should also be considered in the education program to your guests didn't leave you with torn pants. The more you train the dog and walk her, the calmer she will be.