In men sometimes there is a feeling of love or affection, and sometimes just the need for adventure in the case of a female. Because sometimes a married woman choose simply from expectations that she would not insist on marriage. However, the problem is that women cheating on her husband not for the same reasons that men cheat on their wives. In this situation, you can get a lot of trouble.
A married woman who is willing to commit adultery, is it not search the variety in sex, it is due to the fact that it lacks anything in the relationship with her husband, and lacks so much that she's willing to risk existing relationships. And it's not to find fun time. If a married woman, too, will love you, be prepared for the fact that she wants the legal formalization of relations with you. She's not a mistress, she's already been chosen for marriage, paid a high price and assess yourself below and go to "position" temporary girlfriend she is unlikely to want. So if you yourself are married, have a good think about it before, are you ready for a strange woman to destroy my family.
In addition, don't discount her husband. There are few men who will perceive the news of his wife's betrayal quietly, and to hide the relationship is very difficult - any change you'll give. And you have all chances to become the hero and heroine of the crime. He may not do be, and just hire people, but this is not so important.
So if you fell in love with a married woman, you better love her platonically, as a knight loved his lady. If you really love her, you will act in her best interests. Can help her to gain more attention from the husband, a light courtship provoking her husband's jealousy. So the woman will be happier and you will have avoided trouble.