You will need
  • - patience
  • - knowledge of basic rules of conduct
Strictly observe the rules:
- praise to the man;
- be easy to communicate, cheerful and confident;
- ask nothing, and, moreover, is not required;
do not complain and do not suffer;
- be ready to take any decision (no pressure on your part);
- live your life, don't engage fully in the novel, he should respect your life and want to become its main part.
Before operation, a sober assessment of risks. Instead of a lover of free men you will get a result, like most who passed this way girls, a lot of problems with his family, his throwing, standing alone in anticipation of a loved one and just lost years.
Not every married man with a sad, in your opinion, eyes who give you attention, unhappy in marriage and looking for a change. Rather, he's looking for entertainment, and you want it to be a toy?
And again,remember: to love man is not difficult, difficult to keep.