Buy at the pharmacy all the necessary drops with antibiotics and camphor oil, fitousi, hydrogen peroxide, cotton swabs and discs. Treatment it is advisable to start as soon as you just felt the pain. If this is not done, otitis media can pass into the purulent stage, then the healing process will be long.

Drip into the ear a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and wait for it to wash all the sulfur. Well, blot the excess moisture with a cotton pad and sticks. Then drip drops into the ear. That the effect was stronger, make small balls of cotton wool and insert them into the ear canal. If you decide to treat inflammation with camphor oil, use it in a similar way.

In between ear instillation, warm up with fitoveta. Lie on your right side and insert into the ear canal set on fire with the back side of the candle. A little lie (the exact time specified in the abstract). Special sensation you feel is that warm. Procedure is carried out several times a day until complete recovery.

Dry heat also helps in treatment of otitis media, but it is important that it was not purulent. With a strong inflammation of heat is contraindicated, as it can provoke a breakthrough of pus inside the ear, which is very dangerous. If you went to the doctor and get the OK to warm up the ears, then nothing to worry about. Put under ear a heating pad and lie down for about an hour. If warmer not, rascality salt and pour it in a sock or a shawl. Apply a compress on the ear area of the patient for 40-60 minutes.

After recovery, go to the reception to Loru, to the doctor for the exam. Sometimes in the course of treatment disappear only symptoms, and the inflammation subsides just a little. To avoid chronic ear infections, it is better to be treated under the scrutiny of a specialist.