Calcaneal spur – widening wedge-shaped or spinous process in the area of the calcaneus. The causes of the disease are different. These include flat feet, trauma, impaired blood flow and metabolism in the legs. Symptoms associated with a burning pain, such that occur when injected under the heel, solid small object while walking. In the treatment of heel spurs is of great importance to the massage, which optionally can be done at home.

Various types of massage

Massage heel spur can be done by hand, and it is not forbidden to use improvised means and special devices. The aim of the massage is to reduce swelling and to loosen, to stretch a knot on the heel, and then with a single deliberate effort to break a spur. However, the latter is not recommended to do yourself, without special knowledge and control.

Home massage for heel spurs can be done using the roller-rods or plain wooden cushion, designed to relieve tired legs. Experts recommend at first to steam sore spot in the bath or make a healing compress, and then stretch your feet. To relieve inflammation and reduce pain will help a compress of black radish. For this vegetable you need to grate, and the resulting slurry is fixed on the patient heel for the night. In the morning remove the wrap and begin to massage.

If roller is not, the procedure can be performed by hand. RUB the palm of the sole and the Shin. Then begin to stretch your toes and likewise to act with respect to the heel. To ease the pressure. Pat feet, lifting up each toe. Then raise and lower all fingers at the same time. Again RUB the Shin and finish the massage stroking action from the foot to the groin. Stretch your foot recommend such ointments as "Fastum gel", "has experienced an unexpected side effect", etc.

To get rid of heel spurs, it is necessary to fill the basin with hot water and dissolve it in 1 kg of salt. Float in this solution of the feet until the water cools, then you need to clean fresh ear of corn from the leaves and use it as a tool for massage, that is, roll the feet on the floor. If corn cob on hand will not appear, you can use the leaves of Urtica dioica. Two bunches fresh nettles to scatter on the floor and walk on them for 30 minutes. If you conduct this procedure regularly, then the heel spur is nothing left.

What else can you use for foot massage

As a fixture for home massage, you can use nuts, pebbles, buttons, etc. to Warm up the skin and prepare it for the massage you not only by using compresses and baths, but also simple boots. Good RUB the heels of my feet on solid woolen surface of the boots and to start handling the feet with a rolling pin. The only condition is that pounding with a rolling pin on heels impossible, or you can further damage the tendon. The main task – to increase blood flow and strengthen the muscles of the foot, and for this we must act gently but surely. If the pain during the massage intensifies, it needs to stop.