What will you need for the pirate costume?

If you want to create a pirate costume for girls with, you will need to focus on potrebnosti and negligence of things. Pirates are sea robbers, and their clothes may not look neat. If desired, you can use costume fringe and leather items. However, then sewing the costume you will be long enough. But for making easy pirate costume does not need a lot of time.

It would be good to prepare in advance a t-shirt or shirt, a wide skirt or pants, as well as a dye for fabrics and lace.

The creation of an original costume

In the presence of the vest to make a pirate costume can be just a couple minutes. For example, it can be supplemented with leggings or shorts, breeches, or Bermuda.

If the vest you have on hand was not going to dream a little. Take an ordinary t-shirt white and make slits in the area of the neck and at the bottom of the garment. Definitely restrepia seams. For turning an ordinary t-shirt vest would require a special dye. Draw on the shirt stripes blue and the vest is ready. Even the pattern in this case is not required.

You don't have a t-shirt, but the shirt? From it also would make a great pirate costume. Collar and cuff cut, and at the bottom make several cuts. Too wide the sleeves drape if desired. Also make holes in the collar and thread them through the lace. Over the top pirate shirts, you can wear a short jacket. As a complement to the pirate costume should bring slacks. The bottom leg will need to be processed in such a way that the edges turned out the most careless. Well, if the trousers are striped.

The pirate costume will look incomplete without the additional accessories. A bright headband or triangular hat will be a great hats that will add a festive costume. You can use a variety of earrings and rings, brooches, and metal chains to give the image a special piquancy.

And of course, without any weapons will not work. Draw on a piece of cardboard the shape of the blade and the handle, and cut them with a knife. The handle tape, and the blade is silver foil. To simulate the inlay of precious stones in the handle you can glue rhinestones or bright buttons.