How to make a suit of fire from tissue

Buy a few packages of bright orange and red satin ribbon. Now on an ordinary rubber band as close as possible to each other, alternating colors, sewn the tapes, a length of about two feet. Sew this top and the skirt. When the whirling of the tape must be broken, which will resemble a flame of fire. It is based on orange or red turtleneck and leggings, worn on top of the resulting tape top and skirt. On the head you can wear a red wig or to braid your hair in a high ponytail and put a few bright red feathers.

You can buy the most common lining fabric bright orange color and sew into a long dress with large, strongly flared sleeves. Decorate it with shiny beads, sequins, buttons and so on. Head made of papier-mache, like burning wood, and the top to attach sewn from the same dress material flame.

Also, any tissue can transform into fringe, notched it in vertical strips so that it flowed and flew. This will produce the impression of a flame of fire.

If you wear black skinny pants and a bright, red, fluffy-fluffy coat and make red hair a big, big bouffant, we will have an interesting decision of the suit of fire, where the trousers are charcoal and at the top is the flame itself. Most importantly, this costume will not rot and if the event is held indoors.

Follow the advice from the source and sew a suit with neon accents. In the dark, this costume will glow.

How to make a costume of fire from unusual materials

You can make a suit of fire out of ordinary garbage bags. The biggest challenge will be to find suitable packages, bright colors, they are not as common. Take the packages of the largest size. Make them multi-layered skirt or a package of each pant leg, the top with two large loose sleeves, that is, one pack – one sleeve. So the packages will not show through, also take the tights and turtleneck. The head can be twisted packages high block.

Bought a lot of orange boa and make a suit out of them. They are neat, interesting look and are inexpensive. Can be tightly sew them on the short skirt of the right color, so that when the whirling, they are effectively scattered in different directions. You can wear them as bracelets, necklaces or wreath, then experiment as you wish. The more surprising will be your suit, the longer it will remember other participants of the masquerade, or any other event.

If you dare, you can come up with the suit of fire, and corrugated paper. Only in this case, too, the basis should get a turtleneck and tights.