What dream crabs? Dream Interpretation Lofa

Catching crayfish in the dream – warning. The dream suggests that you should not waste valuable time on thinking, but we need to hurry to work. Otherwise, the dreamer can attract into your life a series of setbacks. No need to back away like a crayfish, because life is moving forward!

There is a delicious and tender crab meat in a dream – a good sign. The dream indicates obtaining considerable profits in the near future. Watch in my sleep for the life activity of crayfish portend minor troubles, family quarrels, conflict in the workplace.

Cancers in the dream. The Dream Miller

Live crayfish in a dream indicate receiving help from the wealthy friend. Cancer who moves back, the dream to deception. Sleep eating boiled crayfish, drinking their beer, talking about the indecision of the dreamer, his inclinations to go on about the people using it. To treat someone boiled crayfish – to the promotion.

Had cancers. Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of boiled red crayfish – to financial losses and damages. Live crayfish haunting the dreamer's footsteps, predicting him serious misunderstandings and disagreements with your close friends, relatives. Catching crayfish in a dream – to favorable developments: in real life the dreamer will be able to find a common language with a man who was once his enemy.

To fight in a dream with a huge crayfish embodies the internal struggles of the dreamer himself. Interpreters of dream interpretation is considered a favorable situation, when crayfish have people born under the same Zodiac sign. They believe that in this case, the fate will smile to the dreamer and give him an interesting surprise.

The dream dictionary from A to z: what dream crabs?

Fishing for crayfish in the dream symbolises the significant support from friends, sponsors or influential persons. There is a tender crab meat in a dream – a warning: the dreamer waking need to be extremely careful and keep my mouth shut. Otherwise, you can incur the trouble.

Dead crayfish in a dream symbolizes a major fraud at the time of purchase of a particular expensive things. You should also be careful in the implementation of financial transactions. To be treated in a dream delicious crayfish – for an early invitation to a gala event: wedding, housewarming, anniversary, corporate.

Esoteric dream book: crayfish

Catching crayfish – the carefree, easy and fun life. Boil crayfish and greedily eat them promises a stir and bustle in the house. This dream can mean unexpected and unpleasant news. To kill crayfish in a dream – a bad sign: the possible loss of job, quarrel with a loved one, death of a close friend.