Appearing in a dream, ferrets do not seem so nice...

In accordance with some of the most common interpreters of dreams, ferret, seen in a dream, can be considered a warning against any danger, for example, the person may face to get into some dirty story or be in the same boat with unscrupulous companions and suffer for no fault of their own losses. The murder of a ferret can be interpreted as the possibility of victory over the prevailing circumstances, it also means successfully overcome any difficult obstacles in life.

According to the so-called "dream interpretation of Medea", a dream ferrets also should be considered cautions - appearing in a dream, as if they suggest a person to comply with extreme caution, avoiding excessive curiosity of others, the interference which may be extremely unfavorable. Seen in a dream ferrets can "advise" to show non-standard tactics in the struggle with the intrigues and machinations of enemies.

In some dream books the appearance in a dream ferret is regarded as a signal of a probable soon to steal anything of value, and "dishonest" would be someone from the immediate circle, perhaps, the thief will be someone from relatives or friends.

If fretka dream bites the hand

In the dream book, by the famous scientist-psychologist G. Miller, also says that ferrets can be harbingers of falling into some dirty history. If in the dream seem to have a specific smell, inherent to the ferrets, too rough lately behaves. If the "aroma" comes from the garments of the person of the poor. The killing of the animal seen in a dream also could mean a quick victory over the prevailing circumstances or different kinds of barriers.

Sometimes dreams ferrets or Martens is interpreted as the probable machinations of the overt and covert enemies and detractors, which can lead to further defamation and slander. In some cases, especially in the elderly, these rodents may be predictive of exacerbations of various chronic diseases, which will lead to pain. This is especially likely when a dream ferret bites a hand or foot of man, not wanting to let go of their sharp teeth part of the body of the victim.

Has a value and a color dream ferret - if the color Fredi or marten will be a light shade, it reduces the possibility of negative consequences, despite the unfavorable overall prognosis. However, if a ferret will be a dark suit or even a black person, as a rule, it is recommended for several days to be extra vigilant and careful. After all, no dream dictionary can not give 100 percent guarantee of the emergence in reality of an event, but, on the other hand, to your intuition is worth listening to. According to some psychologists, in dreams people do not just find the answers to difficult life questions, but also received warnings that they could avoid major trouble, and at the heart of this was inexplicably the resulting signal from the "unconscious" parts of the human Y.