Gradualism and sequencing

You should start with the clarified juice without pulp. If the baby's body responds normally, the closer to a year, you can try to slowly juice with pulp. Plant fiber in the juice stimulate peristalsis, and this may cause diarrhea when drinking at an earlier age.

To introduce the juices from different fruits alternately need. Only after it turns out that the baby tolerates any kind of juice, you can start to give him next. If some of the juices will cause an allergic reaction, this product should immediately cancel.

The first traditionally offered the juice of green Apple. It is rich in iron and very rarely causes adverse reactions. Then there are the juices of pear, apricot, peach and plum. It is impossible to give the baby juices of strawberries, citrus and exotic fruits. Grape juice also need to enter with caution. It is rich in sugar and can cause discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract.

How much and in what form

Juice can be prepared from fresh fruit / juices for baby food that are sold in the store. The packaging is usually indicated at what age they can be used. Fresh juice can cause restless behavior of the child caused by bloating, increased flatulence or colic. So they must be diluted with boiled water. Usually one part of juice add one part water. Special baby juices bought in the store, dilute with water should not, because they have already brought to the desired concentration.

The child should consume the juice in a concentrated state up to 2-3 years. Since 2 years of age, the quantity of added water must be gradually reduced, gradually bringing the concentration of the juice to 100%. Undiluted juice, the baby can start to drink only after 3 years.

Concentrated juices of industrial production is undesirable to introduce solid foods toddler up to 3 years. In case the baby drink these juices, then they definitely should be diluted with boiled water in proportion 1:1. As they grow, gradually reduce the water concentration in the juice. Also do not forget that the acid contained in the juice, can have a devastating effect on the fragile enamel of children's teeth. So drink undiluted juices are better from the tube.

Let your kids drink delicious and the right juices and be healthy.