Nutrition of young children

From early childhood, the baby should be gradually to give the fruits and vegetables are the best sources of many beneficial nutrients. At the same time to introduce solid foods should be introduced gradually, otherwise you may harm children's sensitive stomach that is not accustomed to adult food. Apricot is one of the most important fruits that are useful for the child's body, only to give it to the kid it is necessary very cautiously.
The fact that this product is quite a strong allergen, but because children are prone to such reactions to include it in the diet is not recommended.

When and how to give the little baby apricot?

If you haven't noticed that your little one is sensitive to the use of certain products, such fruit as apricots, pediatricians recommend to enter into the diet only after reaching six months of age. It should be noted that it is not advisable to purchase products imported. This is due to the fact that in most cases all the fruits and vegetables that are coming into Russia from abroad, processed a large number of chemicals contributing to their conservation and rapid maturation.
These supplements can adversely affect the child's body, even if you very carefully wash all products.

For the first time deciding to give your baby apricot, try to prepare in advance children's intestines. Cook fruit compote, using a very small amount of sugar, give your child a sample of a few drops and see how he responds during the day. If your toddler has not started to hurt the stomach, and has not appeared allergies, if his health all in a full order in a few days you can try to enter into the diet baby natural apricot or apricot puree, but its amount should be minimal. In any case do not let the apricot with the skin, as it often is the causative agent of allergic reactions.

Never compile it yourself, before anything, give my child, necessarily consult your doctor and only after he was allowed to introduce solid foods, can give your baby third party products, except milk. Never let one day several types of fruit, because then you will not be able to understand what exactly caused the wrong reaction.