In how many months you can enter the Apple in the first place

Babies, breastfeeding, the first feeding usually starts to enter with the eight months, and iskusstvennom — four. The best option would be to start feeding the baby with apples. They contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals that are so necessary in the first year of baby's life.

Apples help to improve the work of gastrointestinal tract and use it Apple pulp helps to eliminate from the stomach of various toxins. Apple for stomach is a kind of adsorbent only of natural origin.

You can start feeding them with specially prepared fruit puree, which is so much in children's stores. But the best natural product prepared with his own hands, there can be nothing, and it should be understood by every young mother.

What kind of apples you can give in baby foods

Start feeding the child with green or yellow apples, because they are less allergenic. From red Apple baby may get a rash or an allergic reaction on my face.

Preference should be given to sour varieties of apples. They contain large amounts of vitamin C which is essential for a growing organism of the child. Don't forget that during long-term storage of apples vitamin C content is reduced in 2 times. Imported apples purchased in the supermarket, usually coated with wax, so before cooking you must clean the skin, because the wax is not washed off.

How to make Apple foods

Start to introduce solid foods need a quarter of a teaspoon, preferably in the morning. After the introduction of complementary foods is necessary to observe the condition of the baby. Over the last month the amount consumed puree to bring to 2 tablespoons.

It is best to give Apple at the end of the feeding. You need to mix a small amount with the familiar puree baby food. If this is the first lure, the new product is necessary to give to drink formula or breast milk.

Apple give the baby pre-peeled and grated on a fine grater. If the child is often bloating or colic, it is best to start solid foods with baked Apple. Bake it in a slow cooker or in the oven, then peel and seeds and mash them with a fork until mushy state.

Remember that the earlier you start feeding your kid an Apple or applesauce, the faster his body will be filled with useful vitamins that will raise it even the immature immune system and improve digestion. Apple juice is recommended for children with signs of iron deficiency anemia, impaired vision, and children, who are often subjected to acute respiratory diseases.