When the child's diet should appear the soup

First the soups, cooked in vegetable broth, the child can begin to give already in 5-6 months. At this age, the soup is already an urgent need, as is the source useful for peristalsis baby tissue, stimulating metabolism and digestion. Soup – low calorie and low carbohydrate dish to increase the amount of food. In addition, a properly cooked vegetable soup is a source of nutrients and vitamins, so necessary for the development and growth of the child. The first soup should be cooked only from vegetables and only in vegetable stock that will not cause problems during the digestion. A couple of weeks into the soup you can add some separately boiled meat, veal or chicken, grind into a puree.

Soups, cooked in meat broth should appear in the baby's diet no earlier than by year. This is because the broth is a concentrated extract of meat, too heavy to digest dish. Therefore, the first meat broths – secondary and boil them should only be made with chicken or veal without bones. Secondary broth is cooked, pouring the first water after it boils. In this broth, which is cooked on a slow fire for 20-30 minutes prior to readiness add the chopped vegetables. Spices in soups for the children is not added, and the salt you need to put quite a bit. A full soup - such as eating adults - the child can start eating for 3-4 years.

How to cook soup for baby

The most convenient and the correct soup for infants under one year is soup. For the first few in his life soups as a broth to use water, which was aterials pieces of vegetables. Don't cook them long enough to save a maximum of vitamins, and not cut too finely. As soon as the vegetables can be easily pierced with a fork, remove them from heat, grind with the help of special nozzles of blender designed to homogenize. Again boil the resulting liquid puree, cool and feed the baby.

For preparation of vegetable soup, a vegetable broth is first boiled separately. Then vegetables and herbs are removed and put those that will be cooked the soup: pumpkin, or peas, or cauliflower, etc. To vegetables is better assimilated in the soup, you can add a little sour cream or good olive oil. When the baby learns to chew, you can give him the soup vegetables, cooked coarsely and then chopped smaller.