How to make a decoration of the bottle with twine

The decor of the bottles is the ability to give junk a new life, which can then be used for interior decoration. And, you can decorate the twine with a bottle of brandy or wine, intended for a gift. This will make your gift unique and memorable. Decorate with twine start bottle more simple forms. Once you have experience, you can move on to more complex products.

You will need several metres of twine, glue and a bottle. And there are different decorative elements for decoration. Starting to work, first of all, remove the bottle labels. To do this, put it on some time in hot water and then easily remove them. Although labels can not be removed.

Degrease the item to be decorated with alcohol. If no alcohol, you can wash with any detergent. Then apply the glue at the base of the bottle and glue the end of twine with a glue-time. Miss brush PVA glue over the entire surface of the bottle and start wrapping the bottle with twine. Do it gently, laying the thread in a circle. Try to keep between threads no gaps, between which is visible the bottle.

When you have finished wrapping the bottle, you can decorate the bottom. To do this, cut a circle the size of the bottom of the bottle. Stick to it the twine in a circle and glue to the bottle. If the bottle is a flat bottom, the splits can be glued directly to the bottom of the bottle. If you are not satisfied with the cover, you can paint it with acrylic paint or wrap the thin twine.

How to add decorative elements

After I decorated the bottle with string, think of its decor. The twine material is gray and ugly, but good for its texture. Ideal for decorations in a country style or eco style. Therefore, additional decor product will benefit. It can be coffee beans, shells, artificial flowers, fabric flowers and bows from the twine. If you don't have twine, it can replace the yarn for knitting, silk ribbon, raffia.

The decor twine, you can use burlap or linen. Cut a small piece of burlap. Stick it around the bottle on the string. Satin ribbon roll rose. Glue on the burlap first leaves, and then rose. Tie the neck of the bottle with raffia and twine. Free string space can be painted with acrylic paint and covered with acrylic paint. This must be done before you begin to decorate the bottle with twine.