You will need
  • -a few bottles of the required size;
  • -twine soaked in kerosene or gasoline;
  • -copper wire and a fire source (lighter, gas torch, etc.);
  • -nichrome wire and a linen clothespin;
  • -pliers, a file or whetstone; -cotton gloves.
Take two glass bottles of desired size. It is better to do for a number of reasons. If you intend to use both parts of the bottle, after the procedure of cutting and sanding you will have more chances to get what you want. In any case, the success of this operation is desirable some experience. Traditionally for cutting glass, it is customary to use a glass cutter or diamond. But to cut the bottles at home they are not always effective. Depending on the material you have available, try one of the following methods.
Fill the bottle with water up to the level where it is desirable to make the incision. Tie the bottle with twine soaked in gasoline or kerosene, the level of juicy water. Avoid sagging of the string – it needs very tightly against the sides of the bottle at the water level. Ignite the twine. The bottle should burst that line of twine.
Take a thick copper wire in order to cut a glass bottle second method. Tightly wrap it around the bottle in the place where it is desirable to cut. Clearances between the wire and the wall of the bottle should not be. Prepare a bowl of cold water. Heat with a lighter or burner freely protruding ends of the wire. In that moment, when the wire is hot, dip the bottle in cold water. The bottle should burst through the wire.
Mount home electrocaloric. This is a fairly intensive process, but it can help you to get the best quality cut on the bottles large diameter of thick glass. Wooden clothespins sponges are processed asbestos. Nichrome wire with a diameter of about 0.5 mm to serve as a spiral. It is necessary to cover the cut vessel, and the ends of the spiral pin between the jaws of a clothespin so that they are not connected. On the free ends slip ceramic insulators or porcelain beads. The ends connect with wires mounting type mgshv-section of 0.5-0.75 sq. mm and connect to the step-down transformer voltage on the secondary winding of 10-12 V. in its absence, you can use a car battery. As soon as the wire heats up, in place of its contact with the glass cracks, in which the container is easy to crack.
Treat cut surface. If there are sharp gouges, they can gradually crumble with pliers, then treat the surface with a file. In conclusion, grind the edge of the bottle a grinding stone or fine sandpaper.