Advice 1: How to weave a belt

Braided belt can decorate and folk costume and summer dresses, and even elegant evening toilet. It can be made single color and colorful, decorate with suitable color beads and even make an intricate pattern. The material can be used very different: thick linen and cotton yarns, leather belts, synthetic twine. And the technique of weaving can be different from bobbin lace and tatting, to simple weave without any tools.
Woven from wool or leather belt to decorate with tassels
You will need
  • - leather belts with a width of 2-5 mm or woolen thread;
  • - boot knife;
  • - metal ruler;
  • - gon;
  • - ball point pen;
  • - awl;
  • - thread in the color of the skin.
Prepare leather cord. If you don't make the belts themselves. Lay the leather piece wrong side up and slide a long line. Swipe it to the normals in the distance, to the point they could connect a metal line. On each measure perpendicular segments 2-5 mm and connect to make a long strip. Cutting the leather on the straps with a knife Shoe.
Tie the straps at a distance of 5-7 cm from the edge. First, you can do it with thread, and upon completion to make beautiful knots on both sides and immediately place both hands. Try to fasten the straps to the front and purl them match. They can even sew among themselves, making the punctures with an awl. If you weave belt made of wool, the strands can simply tie a knot.
Put the straps on the table face up in front of him so that the bonded end lay directly in front of you, and loose ends hanging off the table. Take the left strap and draw it on the second edge, the third, fourth and so on. Ensure that the weave was tight, but not tight. After spending the first strap between all the rest, leave it on the extreme right.
Start to weave the next row also on the left side of the belt. Similarly, his lead over the next, under the next and the next. Whipping the belt to the desired length. If the leather piece was not long enough and the straps were short, cut them a little more. In the process of weaving just sew a new piece to the old.
Finish the weaving when the second end will remain the same distance as you left at the beginning. Seal between the straps and thread to weave will not be dismissed. Cut a piece of leather 2 strap the same width. Their length should be slightly more than twice the length of the brush. Tie the straps at the beginning and end of the weave. Trim the brush.
Useful advice
In order to make it easier to weave, strap to hang as it is done in macrame. Make of thick thread loop, put on her belt missing a loop between multiple belts. Loop clip on the back of the chair. After netting just cut and pull the thread;

A piece of leather better to take a narrow, but long. Then the straps do not have to bond;

To cut leather you need a ruler. In order for the straps is smooth, it is better to not take a short ruler and tailor's meter;

The threads may be thin, but they should be durable and at the same time not to tear the skin. Nylon yarn is not very suitable, it is better to take a durable cotton;

For such a belt it is better to take a soft leather cord. You can weave it in and out of Garus. It is absolutely still, even or odd number of belts you will have.

Advice 2: How to weave the cord

The greatest joy we deliver things made with your own hands. To please yourself and your friends very simply – the technique of weaving of laces requires certain skills, but opens a boundless field for imagination and creativity. Two-tone laces can become a bright accessory for mobile phone or bag and an ornament, turned into a summer bracelet or necklace on her neck.
Braid the cords in bright colors.
You will need
  • four threads of two different colors,
  • - pin
  • - beads, sequins, charms.
Select two threads, bright and dark, or contrasting thread colors. Blue goes well with orange, red with green, purple and yellow. An interesting effect is the use of two different types of threads, assuming that they are the same thickness. Yarn and floss are combined with a broad leather or rubber cord, folded double or triple satin ribbons or beads. Don't be afraid to experiment! You will do even laces for shoes or saturated colors made of fluorescent material that will glow in the dark. If you are using laces with a pattern, then it pick a solid yarn.
Take two bright thread (same color) and two dark (different color). Secure them together with pins or tying the end knot.
Put one dark (one color) thread in the front, and the second dark back. One light (other color) yarn with the left hand, the second light from the right.
Swap the dark filament counterclockwise.
Swap the bright thread in a counterclockwise direction, while perevela them between the dark. Thus, the first dark thread that you originally put in the front is under a twisted light, and the second is dark over them.
Swap dark thread so that light still remained on the left and right of them. Then swap the bright thread and move so on. Try not to pull thread too tightly, otherwise the cord will come out too thin and uneven. Thus a certain tension be maintained must, to avoid the gaps between the loops. Then the work will look sloppy.
The finished cord should be smooth, dense and round. In the formation of creases mash the lace between fingers or roll between your hands. Now you only have to decorate the cord pendants, chunky beads or sequins.
It requires a certain concentration, while Your actions will not be automatic.
Useful advice
Choose a thick thread, to Your decoration of laces didn't look too thin. If you use floss or narrow ribbon, fold them in two or three times.
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