Advice 1: How to write an ad about a missing cat

The missing cat - a sad event that can permanently spoil the mood. However, this situation often can be corrected by inserting a notice about the loss: perhaps someone saw a lost pet you can return it to the owners.
How to write an ad about a missing cat


The first thing you need to take care of making the announcement of the loss of a cat, is to attract the attention of an increasing number of people in order to increase the likelihood of this advertisement the eye of the person who actually saw the pet. It can be done, entitling the ad short and succinct text captures the essence of the problem, for example, "Lost cat!" or "Help to find the cat!". Not worth it in large letters, write the title "Ad" or "Wanted" because these common words are unlikely to cause interest in people and desire to see the entire text of the message.

The main part should be devoted to distinguishing marks of the animal that will help him who could see him, understand that this is the cat you're looking for. Specify here the color of the animal, the color of his eyes, the pancake of wool and size. Especially useful can become special features, if any: for example, if the cat has a torn ear or docked tail. If you have a photograph of the pet, it will also be helpful to place in the ad, is better in color.

Finally, in the concluding part of the text should indicate how to contact the owners of the cat. In such a situation it is preferable to give the mobile phone, which will allow rapid communication and, as a consequence, obtaining relevant information about the location of pet. If you are willing to give a reward to the person who will help find the animal, be sure to include it in the ad: maybe it will for someone who has seen him added incentive to make a call. Also it will be useful to understand reading the ad, how important for you to find a pet: you can emphasize this with a phrase like "We really miss the cat!" or "Call any time of day!".

Ad placement

In order to maximize the number of people who noticed the ad, and increase the probability of finding a pet, you need not only to write a text message, but to place it where the cat could see with maximum probability. If lost your cat often walked alone, try to remember or provide his usual routes and post an ad close to them.

If the cat was home and never went outside, it's worth putting up an ad in neighboring yards, as the frightened animal was unlikely to go far. In addition, it is useful to place ads in places crowded in your area: bus stops, near pharmacies and shops. Finally, it is useful to stick them near veterinary clinics, because the people who do care about their Pets, will understand your loss and will try to help you.

In addition, advertisement can be placed in the local Newspapers or in the running line on local TV. However, please note that in this case the text is likely to have to reduce, therefore, concentrate only on the most important details.

Advice 2 : How to write a notice about the missing dog

The ad about the missing dog should be a minimum of text to contain a maximum of information about the animal, its appearance and habits, the conditions of remuneration. It well-written text improves the probability of return of the pet owner.
How to write a notice about the missing dog
Type the text ads on your computer, for example, in Word format. First, it will improve "readability" of the text, and secondly, you can easily propagate his or print ads again.
Highlight the main ad text, namely the words "Lost dog". The larger letters will allow passers-by to understand the gist of the ad. Those who do not know anything about the found dog, I will go further, those who have some information, read the announcement completely.
Describe the appearance of a lost dog. Specify the breed, color and gender of the individual. List the signs by which to know the dog from among the representatives of this breed, for example, torn ears, a special spot, a bite mark. Also describe the collar or leash, if he was with the dog at the time of loss.
Specify pet's name, note whether it responds to it. If the dog responds to some voice commands, also indicate this in the ad text.
Note in the ad where the dog got lost in the Park, the Park, on the street, behind the garages.
Paste in the ad a photo of the dog. This will help to identify the animal those people who do not understand the names of species. Select the photo, which shows the proportions of the pet, not one face or front legs.
Provide information on remuneration for the return, if it is implied. Leave a contact number in the ad text and on the detachable parts. In addition, you can specify what time is best to call if, for example, you live a small child.
Print the announcement on bright paper, to make it conspicuous. Make cuts at the bottom, so that passers-by could easily tear off a piece with a phone number. Place the ad in places where it can be sent to your dog. But please make sure that putting up ads is not prohibited in this place.

Advice 3 : How to write a missing persons report

What to do if lost dog, cat or, God forbid, the man was gone? Of course, in the latter case you should immediately contact the police, but no more than will writing ads about the disappearance.
How to write a missing persons report
You will need
  • - local Newspapers;
  • computer;
  • printer.
There are two main options for placing ads about the disappearance in the Newspapers and in prominent places in the city. You should use both, it increases the probability of a successful outcome. For ads in the newspaper in advance to create the computer high-quality black-and-white (gray) image of a missing person or animal, and to add a little text. If the paper allows you to print color photos, the image is better in color.
To embed in the city should place the ad on a sheet of A4 paper. At least two-thirds of the sheet should take the photo below indicate the main signs of the missing person or pet. Can specify the amount of remuneration to the finder or someone who really will help in the search. This is especially effective in case of lost Pets, as children from the surrounding homes has combed through all the cellars and attics in the calculation of the a good reward. If the missing pet is not taken away by anyone outside of the district, the chances of finding him are quite large.
Can be lost not only animals and people but also the documents, phones and other things. In this case, the promise of a reward greatly increases the chances of the return loss. If you suspect that you have the documents pulled out of public transport, be sure to put the announcement of the loss of stops on this route. Typically, pickpockets operate on the same routes, so I saw your ad, the thief can give you back the loss for a fee.
Search with ads lost or stolen phone useless. But if you care about not so much the phone as the SIM card with the recorded numbers, post ads with a request to return it, specifying that the phone finder can keep it. This option is quite effective, as the new owner of the phone still will not use your SIM card. If you do not first lose the phones, use this option: put it under the cover of the cell phone a note asking me to return it. Promise the person who took the phone, a thousand rubles (or any other amount at your discretion) in the event of his return.
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