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To the potential buyer was able to read the whole ad and get maximum information in the text should indicate briefly the main characteristics of pet: breed, age, gender, and others. It should not be overused adjectives of quality: good, beautiful, wonderful – such as the contents of the "inflate" ad, with the result that the reader may not reach the end and jump on the eyes the next.

The ideal size of text that contains a listing of all parameters of kittens or puppies is 5-7 lines of the newspaper column, the latter being the contact information. Too short, the ad does not reveal full information about selling the animal, and many people are calling with the intent to buy pet still won't buy it.

If the sale of Pets is the main occupation of their breeder, he may at the same time to implement a few litters. Therefore, it needs to limit the information supplied in each article, one litter. That is a Scottish fold will be sold in one ad, a British blue in another.

The contents of the advertisement

As newspaper category usually includes the words "Animals" and "Sell", then, by checking the corresponding item in the coupon, there is no need to repeat. You should immediately begin with the words "kittens" or "puppies", then specify breed and sex. If the animals are several, they are grouped: 1 girl and 2 boys. If the pet mongrel, but its origin is obliged purebred mom and dad, you need to write "from parents so-and-so and so-and-so rocks". For rootless animal will be useful to add "the cat-mousetrap" or "dog-guard". For inexperienced readers, you can specify distinctive signs: color, coat length, flattened muzzle or the unusual shape of the ears.

Be sure to specify the age in the format: "1 month., 3 months. 1 year. Monthly kittens and puppies are still too small and dependent mother to send them in the wrong hands, however, some owners prefer to sell them at that age, because these animals are the easiest become attached to new owners. However, the last proceeds and the obligation to teach a new pet to the toilet or walking on the street. The presence of the animal has grown up such a skill can be added to the text.

The final paragraph needs to go contact information: required telephone, it is better to add e-mail address and district of residence. Mail correspondence will be useful for exploring and viewing photos, especially if the purchase is made from another city, and the district should indicate if the settlement is too large and the future owner does not want to take the pet from afar.