The appearance of edema on the face – a sign which suggests that with the human body there unpleasant changes. The appearance of this symptom may indicate kidney disease, heart, endocrine glands, and, less often, to signal the person that he's just a bad pillow for rest, during sleep, where disturbed blood circulation in the small blood vessels of the skin.

An uncomfortable pillow is easy to change, you only need to ensure that the product, its successor, has provided a reliable support of the head and fixation of the cervical spine, and then the problem "rumpled" face in the morning not to bother the person. In other cases, especially if there are still any signs of the disease, it is better not to delay the case indefinitely, to go on consultation to the doctor-the therapist.

After the examination it will be possible to make the preliminary diagnosis, and the therapist will decide which advice of specialists needed in each case. Even minimally pronounced swelling on the face could be the first signs of serious diseases.

Most often swelling of the upper half of the body and especially the face occur with kidney disease, and in the beginning of the disease "bags" under the eyes appear the next morning only after taking excessive amounts of fluid, but with the progression of the disease these signs appear daily. The peculiarity of edema is the fact that with adequate renal function is restored, and the swelling gradually disappear.

With heart disease (especially hypertension) swelling of the face may appear for two reasons.
First, consistently high blood pressure levels sooner or later lead to kidney damage and the appearance of edema does not differ from the manifestations of an isolated renal disease. Second, swelling of the face may appear in advanced cases of hypertensive disease and the reason for their appearance becomes visible increase in the size of the heart, which is as it perelavlivaet Vienna, diverting blood from the upper half of the body. Such swelling is reduced very slowly, and their appearance requires immediate treatment of hypertension.

Swelling of the face can indicate decreased thyroid function, but at the same time a symptom of dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, characterized by the protrusion of the eye, often appear the symptoms of depression. Such diseases should only be treated endocrinologist, and an early start of therapy depends on its efficacy.