Anastasia. She is the name of Russian fairy tales, which is why girls with the same name is just destined to be the most gentle, smartest and most beautiful. Girls with this name love tales, often dream and differ by the developed imagination. Adults Anastasia have a fine mental organization, so they make excellent Actresses, psychologists and kindergarten teachers. Nastya, as a rule, earlier married to strong and courageous men. Anastasia become loyal and caring wives, flirting and Affairs do not attract them

Natalia. Since childhood, Natasha manifest himself as an outspoken public figures, becoming the initiators of various games in the children's team. At school Natalia show diligence and be among the best students in the class. Representatives of this sign have a fun and cheerful character, easily find common language with people. Natalia is very proud personality, so I can calmly to criticism in his address. Married Natalya come out earlier and hesitation in the choice of the elect do not.

Irina. Irina from childhood different independent and decisive character. Able to learn well, but they will need to make some effort. Irina not sentimental, but rather, on the contrary, harsh. The representatives of this name are sociable and easily find common language with strangers, however, in the company of men feel much better surrounded by women it quickly becomes boring. Career and professional growth is an essential part of the life of a girl with the same name. Irina is amorous nature, but in relationships always maintain independence and never devote yourself completely to your loved one and the home.

Anna. Girls with this name growing artistic, kind and sympathetic. They love to care for animals, but if someone cries, they will comfort and cheer myself up. Anna love to do crafts, a child with pleasure to sew dresses to my dolls, and growing up, sew outfits for themselves and their friends. Anna belong to the category of people who live not only their own but also other people's worries. Representatives of this name are very attentive to their appearance, loves to dress up and make beautiful hairstyles. At work Anna is fully committed to our work, with material side and career is for them of secondary importance. Married Anne faithful to its second half, but cheating is not forgive.

Elizabeth. Little Lisa is a playful and restless children, get them to sit quietly for a few minutes is almost impossible. At school, Lisa has many friends, she is praised for her cheerful nature and ability to make friends. Elizabeth's want to seem better than they are, so tend to do extraordinary things, about which they soon regret. They are proud and impulsive, they often think that the people treat them worse than they deserve, so come into conflict. In family relations Lisa to be in the house of peace.

Alexander. If a girl with that name is the only child in the family, we will grow stubborn and capricious. Sasha have a good health, I like to visit sports sections. In sports, show dedication, and usually achieve excellent results. Learn Alexandra well, if you count that they need it. Alexandra have a secretive and closed nature. They are very truth-and do not forgive lies. From Alexander make a very good lawyers, accountants, doctors they are attracted to driving a car. Married Sasha go later, but be faithful to their wives and wonderful mothers.

Valeria. Childhood behavior Lera unpredictable and depends on which foot she stood up – it could take a day to walk offended, although the reason for grievances and no one gave, and then abruptly become kind and gentle. Growing up, Valerie continues to be complex and unpredictable natures. This eccentric character is due to increased sensitivity and vulnerability. Married Valeria a loving and caring wife, however, her excessive jealousy is often the reason for divorce.

Victoria. Little Victoria a few lazy and slow, have a calm and balanced character. In games with children are rarely the instigators, content with a passive role. As a youth of Victoria come to life and begin to follow him, but shyness and self-doubt often leads them to commit bizarre acts (that overdo the perfume, wear too short a skirt, then amaze everyone obscenely bright makeup, behaves provocatively at a party etc). Such assertiveness and demonstrative to occur in more Mature age. At work Victoria shows initiative, likes to force things and to teach colleagues. Of the professions prefer to choose those that do not require communication with people, and the end result depends on it. Victoria long to choose a husband due to his indecisiveness and insecurities, but if a man would seek her, she will be loyal, loving and caring wife.

Also in 2015, the light will be a lot of girls with such beautiful names as Sophia, Diana, Diana, Barbara, Mila, Eva and gold.