How to choose a name for the baby?

When you select a name for your baby be sure to consider what the baby will be at first difficult to pronounce. That the child did not have any difficulties in kindergarten and school, not to choose a pseudonym name. Also, you need to understand that the name must be some diminutive variants. Pay attention to how your chosen baby name will be combined with his middle name.

Some old names can be called a girl?

According to statistics, the most popular female names in 2013, Alena, Dana, Darin, Yaromila, Rostislav and Hope. The old names have their own special value. For example, Bohdan means God has given Blazena matters happy, Wanda - praising, Vladislav - wielding glory, Dobrogea - acting Darina - God given, Ladomir - loving, Krasimira - beauty, Yaromila - young Veronica snow, Rostislav - glorious, Olesya forest, Milica - honey, Luchezar - radiant.

If you chose one of the most popular vintage Russian names for girls, you should be familiar with their meaning and characteristics.

Alena is a very cheerful and Sunny girl, according to ancient associations. In fact, the character of a female with that name will be quite stubborn and difficult. These girls often go to different Overture, they are resolute and fearless.

The name Dana is ideal for girls born under the sign of Aquarius, or Scorpio. This person will seek to hold a dominant position. She will try to find a lot of people, and everyone else will listen to her every word. These girls are open and communicative. They are straight and stubborn, often have a complex character.

Girls with the name Yaromila possess the delicacy of natural charm, poise and firmness, courtesy, and at the same time, arrogance. This name is suitable for the fairer sex is born under the sign of Pisces.

Rostislava are often excluded nabludatelnica life. They are very moderate and tolerant, shy, stiff or, conversely, very sociable and windy. A man with such a name is unlikely to be pleasant to others, as it has a complex character.

Hope is one of the most popular female names. Holders of this name, was inclined to adventures they are energetic and prudent. These women have a persistent and strong character.