Advice 1: What male and female names now in Vogue

Time does not stand still, so fashion changes each year. If you remember what the names for the children was popular a few years ago and compare them with the names you choose now for their babies moms and dads, you can come to the conclusion that here the fashion has changed.
What male and female names now in Vogue

What's in a name?

For many parents, choosing a name for their unborn child becomes an ordeal. The opinions of the mother and father are completely opposite, and grandparents are not left out. One of the first issues at birth is the question: "How called?". But why is it important to choose the "right" name? Assumed that what affects a person's character. So before you choose a particular name, the parents read the directories names, learn about the history of the name, its meaning.
Well-chosen name will help the child in later life, open to many horizons.

Many try to link the child's name with the name of a popular actor or artist. Often, parents call the child a foreign name, counting such names unique and beautiful and sound. Not worth the hassle. Trying to stand out, parents often give children names which are unlikely to make life easier for the child, but rather the opposite. Think that it does not cause the name of ridicule in high school.
Undoubtedly, you need to consider sounding name combined with a patronymic and a surname. And from the name of the son depends on the middle name of your future grandchildren.

The fashion for names in a modern society

In modern society, firmly established the concept of "fashion". What does it mean? Find fashionable name that is most common in a certain period of time. In different Nations of the so-called "fancy names" are great. Fashion on a name, typically not delayed for long and often has a wavelike nature. Popularity of the name is repeated after a certain time period. Now especially popular are the old Slavic names.

Sons often called Alexander. The popularity of the male name largely due to its value. Also popular names Dmitri, Ivan, Artem and Gleb, Cyril, Nikita, Denise, Daniel. These names carry the focus on strength, success and well-being. Often also biblical names.

In the women's area of special importance takes the sonority of the name, its softness. Girls fashionable to call Maria, Sophia, Polina, Anna, Catherine. Among fans of unusual names, popular names Evelyn, Kira, Arina, Camille.

Whatever name you choose for your child, remember that your choice depends on many things. It is not necessary to name the baby the name of the person is no longer alive. Better if the name will be one of a kind for your family.

Advice 2 : What female names are popular now

Sofia (Sophia) – the most popular girl's name according to the Moscow registry office for the year 2012. The number of girls called the same name, is 3841, which is ten times the popularity of the name Helen, which is only 36 of the statistics.
What female names are popular now
The name Sophia, and the old sound of Sofia, is Greek in origin and means "wisdom". This name was especially popular for girls born in the year of the Snake, symbolizing wisdom. Observations show that women named Sophia, active, energetic, able to make quick decisions and cope with different challenges in life, achieving success in any business.
A simple and very common name Maria (Mary) is the second most popular place. Russian Masha is the main character of many tales and is used as a common noun in the Russian language. It is believed that in the lives of girls with this name are very sociable, funny, sometimes careless.
In third place is the popularity of the name Anastasia, which is already several years in a row gets a list of the most popular female names. The ancient Greek meaning "return to life" is manifested in the character and behavior of women with the same name. Among the great personalities of famous Anastasia Romanova, the first wife of John the terrible, which, according to the chroniclers, inspired and empowered, and committed to your spouse. "Sweet Anastasia instructed John and led to all sorts of virtue."
The next popular female name is Daria or Daria, which means the winner. The number of girls called the same name every year increases, which has a tendency to growth of popularity.
The name Anna is one of the most common Russian names at all times. It is of great historical importance. Many women called Annami, are still considered to be great personalities and heroines of his time. These include the Queen, the Empress, beauty, Martyr.
Beautiful and sonorous name Elizabeth means "one who honors God". The history knows many outstanding women, who bore that name. Elizabeth – Russian Empress, Elizabeth II – Queen of great Britain. The Queen of England of the 16th century, Elizabeth I, who was named the whole era.
The seventh most popular female name is Victoria, which translated from Latin means "victory". And in Roman mythology there was a goddess of victory Victoria. This name is common in Russia and also in America and Europe.
Pauline, Barbara, Catherine – the next popular names of the completion of the ten most common female names.
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