From about 32 weeks the fetus begins to spin in order to take a particular position in the womb. Some patients ultrasound revealed improper presentation of the baby, but it should be recalled that the baby may roll over at any place.

Method of determining the position of the fetus alone

In order to find the location of the fetus, it is recommended to closely monitor the aftershocks. It is necessary to take a position "lying on back", relax and try carefully to find the child.

Where felt strong tremors, are the legs of the baby. You can try to find heels. Light perturbations indicate that in this place are the child's hands.

When the fetus is turned head down, his legs under the mother's ribs. Often pregnant taking bumps for baby's head, but it is likely his buttocks. Because the fetus in the early stages still can't take a stable position, it is better to determine closer to delivery.

As can be baby

The correct position of the fetus is a compound presentation, that is, when the head of the child is the mother's pelvis and progressively through the birth canal. In this case, the baby has all the chances easily and quickly be born.

Breech doctors are required to consider many factors, for example, age of mothers, estimated height and weight of the child, the position of his head. The vast majority of cases, the experts strongly recommend a caesarean section to reduce the risk of possible injury in normal childbirth. However, when the pelvis in women is wide enough, can give birth easily and naturally.

If the fetus lies transversely or obliquely, it is considered that the birth will be difficult. To facilitate the process and reduce injuries Caesarian section.

To remedy the situation of a fetus obstetrician-gynecologists advise pregnant women every day to do special gymnastics. It should be done, starting from 24 weeks of pregnancy. The main exercises include the following:
- lie down on a hard surface in early on one and then on the other side. You need to roll over every 10 minutes 5-6 times;
- raise the legs up, stretch them into the wall to lift your pelvis with a pillow. Lie down for half an hour three times a day;
- stand on all fours for 15-20 minutes 3 times a day.

In order for a child had the right position, not changed it, some gynecologists advise to wear a special bandage.