Belly fall in late pregnancy

Since 33-34 weeks of pregnancy in a woman can fall belly. This is due to the fact that the child, in preparation for the birth, occupies a certain position. The most common headache presentation. The head of the child descends into the pelvis of the mother. If she was in the abdominal cavity, the last weeks, most often the head will be in the pelvis.

When the stomach finally goes down, for a pregnant comes some relief. Breathing becomes easier, less frequent heartburn occurs. After the baby descends into the pelvis, weight for women is slightly reduced.

Not all of the abdomen before birth is omitted. If a woman has not developed the muscles of the abdominal wall, the fruit is very large or the future mother's pelvis is narrow, the omission of the stomach may not occur.
In such a situation can even apply operative delivery, i.e. caesarean section.

When the stomach falls in nulliparous and multiparous

At the earliest, when can fall belly is the middle of the last trimester of pregnancy. However, in practice it may be different. The stomach can be lowered to 29 weeks or stay in the same position for a period of 39 weeks.

Not always dropping the belly indicates the imminent approach of childbirth. This can happen in a month before birth, and for a couple of days. But most often it happens at 36-37 weeks. From that point until delivery, except in special cases, after 2-3 weeks. However, nobody can guarantee that if the stomach fell today, tomorrow the child will not be going to be born.

If women expected childbirth not the first, the belly usually goes down on 38 week of pregnancy. Meanwhile, in nulliparous women of the period since the lowering of the baby's head in pelvis prior to delivery is about three weeks, and at repeated childbirth, this period may be for about a week.

During pregnancy the uterus is slightly changes the position of the organs in the abdominal cavity of a woman. The growing abdomen can put pressure on the lungs of the woman or on the stomach, creating discomfort when breathing or heartburn. After dropping belly the woman becomes easier to breathe, heartburn reduced, but in place of these feelings can come pressure on the bladder and a feeling of heaviness in the perineum.
A clear sign that the stomach has dropped – if a woman can put a hand between her navel and Breasts.

Lowered stomach before birth – for every woman process is purely individual. It depends on many factors, but in combination with other features allows to judge about the approaching birth.