Specific causes of toxemia and the doctors still don't know. It is assumed that a woman's body in this way adapts to a new state. All systems mothers experience additional stress from the fetus, which the woman arises fatigue and loss of appetite. The fetus secretes waste products that cause intoxication of the mother. This can lead to nausea and vomiting. Morning sickness varies in degree from a mild malaise to the constant retching at the smell. What exactly depends on the power of the manifestations of these symptoms, doctors certainly can not say; each case is individual. With weak toxicity, the woman herself is able to cope with it. But when vomiting occurs after each meal or even the smell of food, the woman abruptly loses weight and needs medical help.
Another cause of toxicity in addition to intoxication and hormonal background of women. At the initial stage of pregnancy dramatically changes the hormonal level in the body. Besides, at first, the fruit is perceived as something alien, something to be fought. All this can also lead to a state of toxemia. Gradually, the level of hormones stabiliziruemost and the toxicity reduced.
Despite the fact that the causes of toxicity are not fully understood, almost all experts agree that the late toxicity is largely linked to the process of formation of the placenta. She ends to form around 13-14 weeks of pregnancy. Most women have it at 14 weeks abruptly disappear all the symptoms of toxemia. This is due to the fact that the placenta assumes the function of utilization of metabolic products of the fetus. The load on the mother's body significantly reduced, leading to reduction of intoxication and, therefore, nausea.
There is also a late toxicosis in the second and/or third trimester of pregnancy. It occurs less frequently and is another name for preeclampsia. In this case, no specific dates of its beginning and end. Late toxicosis has a completely different origin and is much more dangerous for the mother and the baby than the earlier ones. For example, it may occur as a protective reaction to threat products (coffee, eggs, etc.) or in the case of multiple pregnancies. The time of emergence and end of toxicity (and late, and early) is largely genetically determined, i.e. is hereditary nature. If a woman experiences nausea and vomiting in the second or third trimester, she should definitely inform your doctor about it.