Advice 1: Is it possible to do inhalation angina

Understand under the inhalation method of administration of medicines based on the inhalation of gas, smoke or steam. Among doctors there is no consensus about whether inhalation of angina, but there are special rules that must be followed if you decide to resort to this method.
Is it possible to do inhalation angina

Inhalation angina may or may not

To cure a sore throat fast, the most reasonable is a complex approach, i.e. the use of not only antibiotics but also other methods. The latter include rinsing, inhalations. Inhalation angina cannot be done when a person has a temperature above 37 degrees, this is especially true of inhalation of hot steam. Such procedures can not only further increase body temperature, but to contribute to a lowering of infection which is in the throat, in the Airways.

In other cases, inhalation is a perfectly valid method for the treatment of sore throat. The most effective inhalation with the use of modern nebulizers that heal not the hot steam and "healing" air at room temperature. For nebulizer sell special solutions that give your body the maximum benefit and act directly on infected areas of the throat.

Inhalation angina is considered more efficient and secure, contribute to a speedy recovery, as drugs are not a long way through the internal organs and are absorbed directly into the infected areas.

Inhalation, which are considered to be effective in angina

Very effective are inhalations in angina using herbs such as chamomile, eucalyptus and sage. Of course, it is not necessary to wait for the result after the first procedure, since it is necessary to do inhalation 2-3 times a day a couple of days. However, significant relief can be felt after a few of sessions completed.

Inhalation angina are safe for children aged three years. To improve well-being enough, and one procedure per day. Besides, inhalation not reduce the level of the immune system, unlike other medical preparations (tablets, mixtures, sprays).

Of course, one only inhalation for a full recovery is not enough. It is worth noting that the treatment should take place in the complex. Typically, angina is assigned to therapy with antibiotics. This method of treatment allows to avoid the unpleasant complications that can leave behind a sore throat.

Complement inhalation gargling with a decoction of medicinal chamomile, calendula flowers, eucalyptus leaves, oak bark, oregano. If the child cannot gargle, it must necessarily teach it, as this procedure is also effective in the treatment of angina, and pulmonary.

Advice 2 : How to treat a sore throat nebulizer

Nebulizer — a device for inhalation, using a particulate spray of the medicine. Treatment with a nebulizer is used in various types of respiratory diseases, including angina. Inhalation of drugs contributing to the rapid recovery.
You will need
  • - the nebulizer;
  • is a medicine;
  • - saline
Follow the cleaning and disinfection of nebulizer parts: nozzles, measuring Cup, mask, nebulizer chamber with soap and warm water. Wipe the parts clean and dry towel.
Take a measuring Cup ( most nebulizers it is present in the kit. If no - buy at the pharmacy) and then proceed with the preparation of the solution.
As the solvent, use a sterile saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride). You should not use boiled or distilled water. The temperature of the solution at the time of inhalation should be below 20°C.
As a medicines for sore throat you can use herbal product "Tonsilgon". In the product contains chamomile, oak bark, walnut leaves, horsetail, yarrow, dandelion, marshmallow root. Therefore, the "Tonsilgon" safe for adults and children. For the treatment of angina in children from 1 year to 7 years, fill the beaker 1 ml of the drug "Tonsilgon" and 2 ml. of saline. For adults and children over 7 years old – dilute the drug with saline in a ratio of 1:1.
Well as angina effective inhalation using the drug "Miramistin 0,01%".
For the treatment of angina in children under 12 years fill the beaker 1 ml of the drug"Miramistin 0,01%" and 2 ml. of saline. For adults and children over 12 years: dilute the drug with saline in the ratio 1:2. Inhalation should be performed 2 - 3 times a day.
Pour contents of measuring Cup into the reservoir for drugs.
Assemble the nebulizer chamber. For this purpose inside the tank with the medicine, insert the drum, close the lid.
For the treatment of angina should be attached to the nebulizer chamber mouthpiece. Nebulizer chamber is ready for use.
To start the procedure, you must attach one end of air duct pipe to the connector on the reservoir for the drug and the other end to the connector directly on the compressor. Plug in the power cord nebulizer. Using the buttons on the case enable the nebulizer to the operation mode.
Grasp the mouthpiece of the nebulizer lips. Breathe by mouth. The breathing should be slow and deep. Be healthy!
After each treatment, rinse the nebulizer chamber, mask, respirators and
mouthpiece under running clean hot water after each. Otherwise not to avoid reinfection.
Useful advice
1. Do not use a nebulizer solutions containing oil.
2. Not recommended for inhalation with use of drugs containing hormones.
3. In the process of inhalation by using nebulizer nebulizer do not tilt the camera at an angle more than 45 degrees; try to avoid bending of the air duct pipe.
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