The apparent simplicity of downloading ready essays from the Internet is no longer effective. Teachers also have access to the Internet and with a high degree of probability will convict you of plagiarism. To make the essay yourself, you need the following. Knowing the topic of the essay, gather the necessary information on it.Use the list of recommended literature, if it is not, contact your teacher with a request to advise on the most accessible and informative resources. Ask whether they have online. It's much more convenient to write the essay from the comfort of home than to adjust to the schedule of work of the library. If you choose the Internet sources, check their reliability and authenticity. A high degree of reliability have textbooks, monographs, and articles from periodicals.
The abstract starts with a title page. The basic requirements for title sheet is usually presented in the training manual. They are standard: at the top – the name of the school. In the middle part of the sheet – topic summary, below right – the string "Fulfilled" and "Checked". At the bottom of the list – the name of the city and year of writing the essay. The abstract consists of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction this topic relevance of the abstract. Write than a given topic is relevant, what makes it interesting to you personally, why you write this essay, what goals and objectives you set for yourself. Here make a small literature review on the topic of the essay. In the main part reveals the theme of the essay. The work may consist of several chapters at the end which you wish to make a brief conclusion. When using quotations, you must do the references. Quotes are enclosed in quotation marks.
In conclusion, make analysis of the work, summarize the conclusions of individual chapters. Voice your opinion, if necessary, give a forecast of future events. At the end, arrange the references in alphabetical order. If in the process of writing the essay you have any questions, contact your instructor for clarification. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and extra work.