Usually roller skates are moved apart on 4-5 cm, and the young athletes enough for 2-3 seasons. Then increasing not only the length of the foot of the child, but also its completeness, so simple elongation of the rollers, the problem will not solve it. There are models in which elongates the front of the roller, there are models with an increase in the back or with an increase in both directions. The advantage over the first: when shifting the heel part of the weight distribution and changing the rollers become difficult to manage. Expensive models the rollers can have a system that modifies the fullness of the Shoe. But they are not yet sufficiently popular as some of them are moving apart forming the bumps inside the Shoe that cause discomfort when riding.

Sliding skates

There are several mechanisms for changing the size of roller skates. The most advanced – button, it changes size by pressing the corresponding button. More common mechanism with screw or eccentric mounted on the platform. The size is not changing smoothly, and speed, since the Cam is fixed only in certain positions. To resize, simply remove the screw or plastic plug, push the frame to the right size, and again tighten. The third popular option, the size is fixed with a special rod. Unscrew the nut holding it, install the correct size and tighten the nut.

Details of adjustment of a roller described in the instructions. But it is best when buying to ask the seller to demonstrate the system size change and remember the order of operations.

Non-adjustable skates

If the skates do not have an adjusting system, you can try to post. To do this, when the heel strap tighten as tight as you can to when you roll the heel is not moving forward. Usually after 2-3 skate shoes pair on offers half the size or even the size.

You can try to increase the size by using thermoforming. But you should first read the instructions and make sure that the thermoforming is suitable for this model. You will also find details of the procedure. Typically, this heat boot for 10-15 minutes (exact temperature and time indicated in the instructions), then put on your feet and ride. It helps to add" boot 1-2 sizes.

In Soviet times, the Shoe size has increased through the freezer to the refrigerator. Fit this way, and for skates. Take a double plastic bag and place it inside the Shoe, fill with water and put in the freezer. The freezing of 10 volumes of water are transformed into 11 volumes of ice. When pull the horse out of the freezer and thawed, its volume will increase by 10%.