Try on roller skates in those socks in which you intend to ride. To do this you suitable "roller" socks, and cotton. It is not recommended to wear under skates wool or synthetic socks.
Choose rollers to the exact size. A fitting start with a larger size and gradually reduce it until until you feel that the heel rests on the heel. Please note that shoes roller skates of the break, and if you buy rollers at least one size larger, then after a while it will just dangle you feet. To make it easier to choose the right shoes, you can use the table legs.
You must correctly fasten the skates. The fasteners of the Shoe is usually composed of three elements: clips, heel strap and laces. First of all boot fully extend the tongue. Now you can start tightening the laces. Try as you can to evenly distribute the pressure of the laces along the entire length of the upper part of the foot. When tightening do not need to squeeze the leg.
Now attach the heel. Don't pinch, but try to make it so that when the process exits, the heel did not move neither sideways nor up. If you try to stand you feel the shift, then try tighten the laces and heel strap. If that does not work, you should move on to trying on another pair of skates.
The last stage is fixing clips. Open the clip, thread the strap to the clamp. Next, you need to snap the clip, while the cuff of the boot should fit to clasp your foot. Here also leg in any case should not hang out in the cuff.
Now you can wear the second roller and carefully to his feet. Like, if possible, at least 10-15 minutes. During this time, you can understand, comfortable for you or not. If you are uncomfortable, you feel some discomfort, immediately pull the fitting out of options. Only when you are completely confident about your choice, feel free to pay a long-awaited purchase.