What is ovulation and when does it occur

Ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovary. As a rule, the egg cell Matures each month, but there are times when for one menstrual cycle is not one ovulation. There are also anovulatory cycles. If this happens several times a year, it is considered normal. If the maturation and release of an egg from the ovary does not occur for 2-3 cycles, this may indicate the presence of a very serious pathologies.

Ovulation occurs usually for 12-14 days before menstruation. If the cycle is regular and it lasts 26-29 days, the maturation of the egg takes place right in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Using the calendar method to calculate the expected onset of ovulation. More precisely to define it is possible only with the help of special tests and medical examination, as well as through the analysis of their own feelings.

Calculation ovulation is not a reliable method of contraception, but it helps to increase the chances of conceiving, if a woman wants to get pregnant.

How to diagnose the onset of ovulation

There are a number of signs that help to diagnose the release of an egg from the ovaries. Usually, at this time women celebrate the exacerbation of sexual desire. 1-2 days before ovulation changes the nature of vaginal discharge. Experts claim that during this period, the vaginal mucus becomes more viscous, increasing the quantity.

Some women noted an increase in breast sensitivity and pain in that area. Also may appear nagging pains in the abdomen. Such symptoms are often observed in the middle of the cycle. They may indirectly indicate the occurrence of ovulation.

To more accurately determine the time of the release of an egg from the ovary is possible by means of daily measurement of basal temperature. This method is quite reliable. The measurements should be performed every morning before getting out of bed. During ovulation there is a sharp rise of basal temperature. If fertilization does not occur, the temperature begins to gradually decrease in a few days.

Many women conveniently determine ovulation with the help of special tests. You can buy them at the pharmacy. The principle of operation is similar to the principle of tests to determine pregnancy. The indicator strip react to the presence in urine of specific hormones that the body produces during ovulation.

The most accurate method is the determination of the release of an egg from the ovary using ultrasound and with the delivery of special tests. In order not to miss the time of ovulation, you need to be tested every 2-3 days.