You will need
  • - the Internet.
Open the program "Skype". If you have not logged in log in with your username and password to start working with the program. Enter the username and password carefully, paying attention to the keyboard layout and the Caps Lock button. If you don't have login, then click on the tab "Registration" to register a new user.
In the main menu of the program "Skype", find "Contacts" and select "Add new contact". Opens clearance new companion. The program will ask you to enter user data, which you want to add. Enter the username of a friend in the field "Skype name". It is also worth noting that the software allows real-time to search not only by username, and the country of residence, age, name and many other parameters.
After a moment, the program will offer you the list of users registered with the same or almost the same login. Select from the list the person you know. Pay attention to personal data that points to login. Also do not forget that when you add you have to write who you are and why you add the person because the program increases the percentage of spammers, so many users are afraid to add strangers.
Add a new contact by selecting it and clicking on the "Add" button. Now your contacts list will appear another source. If you want to find someone's login, repeat the procedure. You can also search by postal address, phone number, name and surname of an acquaintance. The search function in Skype is free, and thus you can find contacts around the world — all you need to know at least one identification parameter and a little patience.