Appears more attractive to women of innovative technologies in the field of beauty. Service laminating eyelashes becoming every day more and more popular. Lashes after she become healthy and beautiful and, importantly, natural look. In addition, useful substances in the composition of the current assets have a nourishing effect on every lash. The most obvious effects are obvious: the improvement of the structure of the eyelashes by thickening, increase in length and volume, lasting color, bending, wide-open eyes.


First master cleans and degreases eyelashes. To cleanse it use a special lotion or serum. Due to this the minerals better penetrate the hair. After that, the skin of the eyelids is applied with special protective and soothing cream. On the eyelashes is fixed with a silicone form, which lifts the hairs to the top – it turns out a beautiful curve. Next – application of nutrients composition, lengthening lashes and giving them volume. This compound is a basis for painting. You can select the color itself. After all this, each cilium is covered with keratin.

Keratin coats the hair from outside and penetrates them, restoring the damaged surface. On the eyelashes the keratin forms a film, it adds Shine to hair and maintains a normal moisture level.


The full lamination process takes no more than one hour but within two to three months you can walk with beautiful long and fluffy eyelashes. It must be remembered that the day after the procedure, you should avoid getting moisture on the lashes. After a day you can do everything you used to do normally: painting eyelashes mascara, to wear lenses to swim in the waters. Lashes will remain lush and manicured.

About the possibility to laminate eyelashes you should consult with your doctor. Can be contraindications. If there is any eye disease or allergies, the doctor will prohibit the lamination, this opinion should be heeded.

Looking for experienced masters

To do the lamination yourself at home is difficult even for an expert. This procedure is new, not every master will be able to perform at a high level. Why risk the health and money is not worth it – better to go to a specialized salon with a good reputation and positive feedback.