There are different types of extensions: Japanese (poresnichno), traditional building beams, build-up of 3D eyelashes and so on. Properly it was made build, depends on the duration of wearing lashes. Therefore, it is recommended to perform the procedure only experienced craftsmen. A good master must discuss with you what effect you want to achieve by means of building. After all, you can do to the lashes looked natural. And you can create a theatrical look with 3 D lashes. The wizard must study the face shape fit eye to using the building to make the appearance more vivid and memorable. Using artificial eyelashes, it is possible to correct the lowered corners of eyes to enhance small eyes and so on.

Before the procedure of building the master cleanse lashes of residual makeup, and then passes to the degreasing eyelashes with special fluids. To remove the natural oils is very important, otherwise the lashes will not sit on the adhesive and stick really bad.

The procedure occurs in the supine position on the couch or on a special folding chair. During the procedure you should feel cozy and comfortable. The wizard starts to build lashes from the edge of the eye, carefully gluing one lash. Eyelashes are very close to the roots: the indent is 0.5 or 1 mm from the growth of eyelashes. Artificial tips should not touch the eyelid when opening the eye.

The thickness of eyelash extensions varies from 0.07 to 0.3 mm. is Often a manufacturer refers to lashes like sable, mink or silk, referring to a specific thickness. Eyelash length has a very wide run from 6 to 14 mm. the Most popular length: 8, 10, 12 mm. Also the lashes may have a different bend. He referred to letters: D, J, C. C is only slightly curled lashes. D is a highly curled lashes. Form J is closest to the natural curl of your lashes.

Sometimes the wizard shares the process of building into several stages. During the first approach sticks 30 lashes on one eye then the first step is performed for the second eye. After the master returns to the first eye and so on. This method of building is good because it does not stick lashes.

Duration of wear parisnicole capacity depends on the operating conditions. If you do not expose eyelash mechanical stress, might be with them for 3 weeks, and then go to the correction. The average time of wearing these lashes: 2 weeks.

Beam capacity is characterized by the fact that the lashes in this case, in a bun. For gluing the wizard uses a different glue. Eyelash extensions bundles can be a maximum of a week. Usually this method is used for certain dates: birthdays, wedding or anniversary. Building beams has one drawback: if you roll even a single beam, it immediately becomes noticeable.