In order to do that, first stop the car. After check whether the quick inclusion of the front wheels. If they are not enabled, then turn to the end clockwise. After the move, the right-hand lever forward. These actions have you done the front wheels are leading, and this means that they will rotate along with the rear.
You go ahead and enjoy comeof the Oise, but the dirt road getting worse and worse. The engine starts to work hard and be delayed even in first gear. The car can not handle the load and stalls. The machine worked smoothly and easily, you will again need to stop. Then pull the middle lever back. This action included lower gear in the transfer case. In addition to reduced mode you will have all the same four gears. This means that if you included a low gear for the same road where you were driving in first and the engine was delayed, you can freely go for the second and third and even fourth gear.
So you have traveled a hard stretch of road, and left on the highway, and the car begins to growl at low speed even in fourth gear. This is due to the fact that in the transfer box is low tier. To avoid this, switch the transfer case into a higher tier. To do this, move the middle lever forward until it stops.
In addition, you would be better to disable the front axle, as included both bridges car, spends $ 1 – 1.5 liters more petrol. To do this, move the right lever to the rear position. For a more comfortable ride you can also disable the quick inclusion. It also helps to reduce fuel consumption and reduce noise when driving.