In our time, it's safe to say that decorative rat is one of the most popular Pets. It is extremely agile and energetic creature, besides, it is very smart and is not against to get in contact with the person, learning multiple simple commands.

From simple to complex

Training fancy rats, however, as the training of other Pets, always starts with the simple and clear commands. The rat is quick-witted by nature and quickly begins to understand all that it requires from the owner.

It is seen that decorative white rats slightly harder science" than black and painted in different shades. However, to teach simple commands is quite real rats of any color, and the process of "learning" for the man is very interesting, as each animal has his own, highly individual approach.

Food – based training

Decorative rat rapt their attention, of course, food. This is something that we have to use in order to teach an animal first simple commands.

First you need to pick up some treats (this can be the seed of a sunflower, a tiny piece of meat or boiled eggs) and stretch it to an animal. During this "gesture of kindness" it is necessary to repeatedly utter the nickname of your pet.

This "occupation" should be carried out periodically and after a while " (cat) will react to the sound of the human voice. In order for the rat as quickly as possible came in contact, her name needs to be simple and clear. It is not necessary to call the animal name of two or three words, the training process may be delayed or even to fail.

After the first successful phase of training should not stop there. If the animal has already learned to respond to his nickname, it is possible to teach to return to his cell. To do this, at the same time pour in a bowl of food animal and call out to him, calling his name and tapping his bowl with food for any hard surface. I must say that teaching decorative rat this simple command, the host to eliminate the need to constantly catch on the flat of his tailed pet.

The third team does not present any difficulties, however, the following "trick" can look very impressive. The challenge is how to teach decorative rat to stand on its hind legs. Make it simple – need to pick up some "snacks" like the same sunflower seeds, bring it to your pet and gradually raise up, gentle tone, repeating the nickname. A rat can learn this trick in just two or three "classes".