Additional income in the form of payments for the rented apartment is never superfluous. Many property owners tend not to enter into a lease to avoid paying tax on the income of individuals. This practice may be acceptable only with the tenant, who is your good friend, well, in extreme cases, friends of your friends. With a stranger such cooperation can be costly.
The lease contract not only guarantees timely payment and safety of the transferred property, but it is grounds to go to court, if the lease relationship between the parties there is a dispute. The agreement allows the parties to consolidate their rights and duties as disciplinary as landlord and its tenant. As a rule, if the apartment surrenders for long period, in the process of leasing relations can be a lot of disagreements about who should pay for repairs in the apartment, on whom fall the costs on utility bills, who should pay damages caused to third parties.
Lease or rent an apartment can be, both independently and through a real estate Agency. If the transaction is accompanied by a real estate professional, the apartment owner and the tenant must is prepared to sign a lease. As a rule, participation of a realtor to do the parties to the contract at least the cost of the monthly rent. In principle, it is possible to avoid the costs of a realtor, but you need to have a minimal understanding of the composition of the package of documents for transactions related to the rental property.
The lease has a compensatory character, i.e. the apartment owner conveys the right to use his apartment, and the tenant for a fixed contract price, receives for temporary possession and use of the property. The lease is in writing and is subject to obligatory state registration if the term of the contract exceeds one year. If the apartment is rent not the owner, but a representative by proxy, the power of attorney must be notarized and contain the powers of attorney and features of the leased property. It also contains information about the right attorney to receive lease payments.
For the conclusion of the lease contract of the apartment owner (lessor) must provide: identity document confirming the right of ownership documents, ownership documents (on the basis of which the lessor acquired the right of ownership) – contract of sale, instruments of privatization, the certificate of entry into the inheritance, etc., and also the right supporting document – the certificate of ownership. If the apartment is the joint property of spouses, in order to avoid disputable situations in the future you can ask for the consent of the spouse to the transfer of apartments to rent (can be furnished in a simple written form). The tenant need only a document proving the identity.