Adjustable with tax issues

"Pay taxes and sleep easy" slogan, regularly reminding the contributions of a certain amount from your income to the state. Renting an apartment is also taxed. If non-payment you will have to expect a considerable fine. To pay taxes for the delivery of apartments in rent is required annually. Until 30 April you must attend the inspector to make a Declaration and make the required amount. Then during the year you can be free. You can also register your IP, then the tax will be less.
If you rent housing (more than 85 thousand) or more apartments, it makes sense to buy the patent for it.

Where to find tenants

The key to successful delivery of apartments in rent right tenants. To find them you can, both independently and with the help of real estate agents. Decide who you would like to have: whether it's a single girl, couple or group of students.

If you have a good repair and bright furniture, specify in advance whether you agree to put tenants with small children and animals. Do not rely solely on the agent, meet with prospective tenants personally and make sure these people are trustworthy.
At least in the first months of inquire to the residents to visit, to make sure they are clean and do not intend to post your property.

How to draw up a contract

The contract between the lessee and the lessor is guaranteed that the relations of both parties will be fair and fruitful. Examples of the contract you can find online, but remember that you can reflect in the document all that comes to mind. Specify the condition of the apartment, furniture and other property that is in it to dishonest tenants did not try to pocket your washing machine and a silver spoon.

Describe the requirements you to the tenants: for example, do not make noise after eleven, and to warn, if they will come visit. In turn, your tenants may also be asked to make some items that will protect them and their property.


Before you rent a house, ask the tenants to leave some amount as a Deposit (which may equal the cost of renting an apartment per month). If unscrupulous tenants move out, leaving the apartment in an unacceptable condition, using the key, you will be able to make the accommodation acceptable.