Hair removal using tweezers. Pre-steam the skin, so it will be softer and the pores open to facilitate the removal process. Wipe the face with ice, it will create a numbing effect, and the pulling of the hair will be less painful. Tweezers grab the hair near the root and pull it in the direction of growth. After the procedure treat irritated areas with a cream. This method is suitable for removal of gun on small areas of skin, such as around the eyebrows and lips. The effect will be to stay 5-7 days.
Remove the gun with the help of hair removal is more effective but painful procedure, so that the hair is removed and hair follicles. Buy at the body shop hair removal wax. Preheat it according to the instructions and apply on a small area of the face. Cover the wax with a cloth (usually included), press it and smooth. After the wax has dried up, sharp movement rip off cloth.
Instead of wax you can use sugar. Pour a few tablespoons of sugar in a small saucepan and put on fire. Stirring constantly, wait until the sugar has melted into a thick caramel. Cool it and apply on small area of skin, allow it to dry. Remove the layer of caramel with your fingers.
Hair removal with cream. Get a special cream for hair removal, apply it on the place where you want to remove the hair, soak as much time as indicated on the package, and remove the cream with a tissue. This method has a significant drawback. The cream contains strong chemicals which can cause severe irritation of the skin.
Epilation, electrolysis and hair removal by laser are the most effective ways, but they are made only in specialized salons. The cost of these procedures is quite high.