To answer the question, when is the best time to cut hair, you can rely on turn of the lunar calendar, which consists of the astrologers on a monthly basis. However, and without it is possible to find the optimal time for cutting, knowing in what phase is the Moon.

When to cut hair by phases of moon

If you don't use calendar haircuts, you can use the following guidelines when choosing time haircut.

1. Visit a beauty salon for the care of long hair during the waxing moon. Along with the growth of the visible part of the satellite will strengthen hair roots and increase hair growth.

2. If you want to save a haircut for a long time, wait until waning moon. Hair will grow slower and you will be able to somewhat postpone their next visit to the hairdresser.

3. Try not to walk in beauty treatments to care for hair in new moon, in the ninth, the twenty-third day of the lunar cycle. If you are going to master on the fifteenth day, note the position of the moon in the sign of the zodiac and heed to your health, as in most cases, this date is not too suitable for hair care products.

4. Try to avoid going to the hairdresser in the days of lunar and solar eclipses. If you do decide to cut on such a day, pay attention to the influence of the planets.

When is the best time to cut hair according to zodiac sign

To select a good time for cutting hair is not enough to focus on the phases of the moon, it is also desirable to consider in which constellation it is in.

The position of the moon in Aries in General is not very suitable for hair treatment. At least the hair will grow faster after that, but the haircut on this day, facing the deterioration of their condition.

It is better to cut hair when the satellite is in earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The result is the rapid growth of hair, strengthening them. They are less brittle and fall out. In those days, well not only cut hair but also to dye, to carry out treatment, strengthening and nourishing the roots. If you want to make a Perm, it is best to choose the moon in Virgo, as it was in those days, a detrimental effect on hair is reduced.

If hair cut when the Moon is in the constellation Gemini, they can become unruly. For owners of curly hair, who want to get more curls, on the contrary should choose for going to the hairdresser this afternoon.

The moon in Libra, like Gemini, is suitable for those who wish to have lush hair. With this hair after the haircut on this day will grow faster without loss of quality.

For the experiments with the hair best suited day when the Moon moves into the constellation of Aquarius.

Slow hair growth haircuts in the days of watermarks, especially When the moon is in Cancer and in Aquarius. To get a haircut in those days, only the people with brittle and dry hair. Treatments and shampooing in these days unwanted.

Hair color is best when the Moon is in Leo. These days well and to cut their hair, subsequently they will be more docile and smooth.

To make original haircut under the influence of Sagittarius is undesirable because the hair is bad to keep the shape. But if you want to increase hair growth, this time can be considered favorable.

If the Moon is in Scorpio, possibly it is better not to cut hair, so that the effect of this sign can be very unpredictable. The curls may become thicker and harder, or conversely to lose its power.

Many astrologers and esoteric when answering the question, when is the best time to cut hair is called full moon days (especially with the moon in Virgo or Leo) is most favorable, since in these days our body and all nature, filled with energy. Remove the tips of the hair will also help to reset the energy surplus. However, the choice of day for cutting it should not neglect their health. At low immunity even in the auspicious lunar day haircut and colouring can harm the already weakened body.