If you want to have the locks changed its properties and quickly grow, want to stop hair loss and strengthen roots, contact your hairdresser when the moon is full. Hair will grow too long after a haircut on the waning moon. If you suddenly get sick, we recommend that you contact the beauty shop and cut the ends. Exactly what did the ancient Egyptians, who believed that together with cut ends away sickness and negative energy, the body quickly returns to normal, is cleared.
You should not cut hair with a "satanic day" is the ninth (attracts disease), the fifteenth (possible headaches, increased blood pressure, psychiatric disorders, feelings of anxiety and fear), twenty-fourth (attract disease) and the twenty-ninth day (the threat of meeting with misfortune) according to the lunar calendar.
Monday is an auspicious day for haircuts. On this day you will be able to get rid of together with cut hair from the negative emotions, negative energy and various unsolved problems. Also recommended on Monday to paint the hair. If you want to make in your life for a certain activity and to solve important business, visit the hair salon on Tuesday.
Visit the wizards on Wednesday if you crave new and unforgettable emotions. Haircut on this day will help you to meet up with old friends, make new friends or learn something new. Want to bring into your life prosperity and good fortune, to change relationships with the people around you for the better? Go to master Thursday.
Friday is a day of female beauty. If you are this day like my own reflection in the mirror, do not keep your head cleansed. But if you want to be beautiful and to change the image, visit the beauty salon that day. The hair will be healthy when cutting on Friday, in addition, you will be able to get rid of the sins of your family and some karmic debts. Please refrain from visiting the hairdresser on Sunday. The people who cut hair on this day, you can cut your own luck. This day is good for haircuts only chronic losers, maybe fate will be more favorable.