The sad moment of parting

In human life there are moments of parting. They can be permanent, and only for a while, but the separation necessarily causes people pain, anguish and grief, of course, if people were not indifferent. So it may be worth it to make this moment positive emotions? Just try to thank people for the time that you were together. The best way to show what you remember about what happened between you is to give flowers as a symbol of wishes for the future happiness of your partner.

Best at parting to give his ex-girlfriend yellow flowers, and it does not matter what. It could be a Tulip, a gladiolus, rose or Phlox.
Yellow flower gifted to you so that the giver wants to bring a little light, warmth and joy in a sad moment of parting.

Each flower – a mystery

In the world there is an infinite variety of colors, and most of them carries some meaning. For example, if you give a girl flowers azaleas, they will be able to emphasize its fragility, femininity, and restraint, that is, make a kind of compliments.
If you give the girl Azalea before a long separation, it will show that it is for you only, and would mean: "Wait for me!" or "I believe you."

Sometimes in a breakup, girls are often given sweet peas, as if to say, "goodbye", "Thank you for the great time".
But if you want to add to the moment of parting a little bit of drama, you should give her a Phlox. Phlox is a passionate flower, as if to say, "it's over Between us!" But despite its sharpness, Phlox also means reciprocity of feelings.

If you want to add in a sad moment at least a little bit of joy and warmth, give the girl a yellow rose. It is a symbol of peace, warmth and positive attitude, as though saying, "You are my sunshine". If you want to emphasize that your relationship has long been stalled, outdated and are now just a burden, give your partner flowers of cyclamen.

Sometimes the girl doesn't understand why she was presented with parting colors, because it's all over. She thinks it's a smile. However, in the case of separation should not be so negative attitude to such a gift, but flowers on the day of parting is a kind of farewell sign, the logical conclusion of relations. Not necessary in a fit of anger to throw these flowers away, it is better to keep them as a memory of all the pleasant moments we had before. These flowers – nice and gift in your relationship, so why spoil it?